40 Enlightening Tips to Increase and Balance Your Energy

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40 Energy TipsAre you tired of searching for unique knowledge to increase and balance your energy? Do you want to learn how to boost your energy, so that you feel energized like your younger years? Do you want access to information that can satisfy your curiosity to understand life and energy? If these questions resonate with you, this ebook called 40 Enlightening Tips to Increase and Balance Your Energy will change your life forever, because it explores topics about energy that will have profound effects on your life.

Instead of using hundreds of pages to explain the relationship among energy, life, and health, my ebook (48 pages) gives you 40 quick and informative tips to increase and balance your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual energy to a whole new level.

This enlightening ebook is like no other ebook or book that you have come across. It is a collection of information and experience that I accumulated over three decades of living on Earth. The information in my ebook will answer many of your life’s questions related to energy, while at the same time energizing your curiosity with new questions that will affect your life in an exciting and intriguing kind of way.

My enlightening ebook will teach you about:

  • The enigma of energy
  • How sexual energy recharges your energy
  • How toxins harm your body’s energy fields
  • The healing benefits of vibrational therapy
  • What “living” water is and how it affects your energy
  • Quartz crystal healing and its healing benefits
  • The best foods for boosting your energy
  • What frequency is and its infinite healing potential
  • How to use mindfulness therapy to balance your energy
  • The harmful effects of left and right brain imbalance
  • The relationship between the pineal gland and spiritual energy
  • New energy healing technology (i.e., digital medicine, quantum healing, wave genetics)
  • How food toxins, environmental toxins, and electromagnetic pollution affect your energy
  • The relationship between thoughts and emotions and why they are essential for energy balance
  • How frequency healing device will change how we treat disease and health conditions
  • What energy healing is and its healing benefits
  • Heavy metals and chronic fatigue syndrome
  • How light affects your energy

40 Enlightening Tips to Increase and Balance Your Energy doesn’t take long to read, because it is precise and straight to the point, and will stir your curiosity to want to learn more about your personal relationship with energy and nature. It will also stimulate your imagination and motivate your mind to tell your body to take actions to increase and balance your energy.

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Comments (11)

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  1. It sounds great, but how do we purchase this. There is no online View Cart and Checkout that I can find on the website. I just get a spinning “hourglass” when I click on “Purchase for $8

  2. Michele says:

    I don’t have a website, that’s why it’s blank. I purchased the ebook product. How to access it now? Or, maybe it’s a link within my email that probably rolled out when I made the purchase? I’ll check in a moment…. Thanks!

    • PL Chang says:

      The download instructions will be sent to your email shortly after purchasing the ebook. If you can’t find it, please let me know. Thank you for your support.

  3. Clint Mitchell says:

    Greetings PL 🙂

    I have just come across your site and because I enjoyed the little I have read thus far, I subscribed.

    I am interested in being on your mailing list, going through your blog and in reading your book – 40 Enlightening Tips to Increase and Balance Your Energy.

    My beloved brother, you seem advanced so I will take the time to share what comes to me to share. Take it or leave it as you like 🙂

    Firstly, it occurs to me that for me to value my services at $20/hr or a thing that I have produced at $1000 a unit, is really a devaluation of the priceless energy I would use to produce or serve. Not only this, and perhaps this will be an opportunity for continued conversation between us, it occurs to me that this energy I have used to serve or produce may not even be ‘mine’!

    Secondly, for me to charge another for this product or service is my next act of ignorance. A useful metaphor to clarify is, in the act of me plugging a battery in to an outlet in the wall for recharging, what is happening is a drawing of the electricity from the wall to charge the battery. Simplifying: the battery is sucking energy out of the wall. PL, the system of commerce makes us accomplices in vampirism because when I charge another I am sucking their energy. Even though I can justify it for survival’s sake, I am still part of the problem.

    Further, for me to say that I am one with everyone and all things and then proceed to charge another what is happening is that I am doing and saying two opposing things. I is going in two polar directions and here I have a split mind (schizophrenia/mental-illness) at the deepest of levels calling itself new-age spiritualism. Also brother, along the same line of reasoning, I am charging my self; I am self-cannibalising; I am sucking my own energy because I have forgotten Source and now, all that is available to me is survival and suffering. Indeed, I present the world we have today and the destruction of planet Earth.

    Tell me my brother, can we agree that this is one of the very definitions of insanity in action?

    PL, the commerce system as it is still exists and because it still is we must accept it as it is because we must purchase within it until we develop another system that makes it obsolete, which I am all about. However and until then, we do not have to suck one another’s energy though we can make ourselves available to the lambs in need, to be suckled. In essence, to offer the energy that comes through us however it comes through us, unabated.

    I invite you now brother, to follow an alternate path of giving first and remaining open to receiving by making an agreement with others to give back as they are inspired by the quality of your work?

    Either way, I am pleased to have crossed your path 🙂

    The above all said, I am not going to let the little tidbits of insanity evident everywhere deter me from reading and enjoying and perhaps maturing from the information available 🙂

    Moving on, back to your site, I read this:

    “Use this special promotion code ‘3532et’ and get 35 percent off the original price of $7.”

    I click on the link.

    I apply the code in the field and I get this:

    “Coupon code used does not exist!”

    As you might imagine by putting yourself in my shoes PL, I’m now a little mystified… and humored by the way 🙂

    Now truly, saving my ass $2.45 really ain’t that big a deal but if I were to make an offer and then not come through, I’d have to, if I was in to that sort of self inquiry, question my ethic no?

    And in the final analysis it won’t matter one bit PL, as I will, in all cases, ideally, appreciate your book and I will whole heartedly appreciate you for just being period 🙂

    Perhaps you could help me to appreciate your book? If I don’t hear back from you before a week is up I will happily pay the $7.00.

    LovenPeace to allusall forevermore,

    Your cosmic sibling,


    • PL Chang says:

      ATTENTION READER: Because some people had issues with the discount code, I decided to remove the code for this ebook. I also reduced the price to $6.00.

      Greetings Clint,

      I tested the code and it worked fine for me. I am not sure why it did not work for you. As for the commerce system, we do need to create a better system to replace it. A system that does not steal the energy of the people and rely on debt to survive. Money by itself is not bad. It is the system behind it and the way it is being used to drain our energy that makes it bad.

      Most of the information that I write is given freely to the people of the world. Compared to what I charge for my two books, the amount of energy I invested in the information that I share freely to the world is a lot more than what I ask for in return. In other words, I am not practicing energy “vampirism.” 99 percent of the information I write is given freely to the people. Each of my article takes an average of 3-4 hours to finish (writing plus researching). With my two websites, I have written close to 1,000 articles; plus my free seminars. That is a lot of energy that I have given freely to the people.

      Thanks for reading my articles,


    • Lisa says:

      I agree with Clint.

    • Bonnie Henderson says:


      By the end of your long note to P L, your vibration was pulling down my vibration a lot. The price was not asking too much; others could charge much more for sharing their knowledge. P L gives out much wisdom FREELY on written articles and on blogs. You definitely need to read the above article, now for an even lower price of $6.

  4. Allison says:

    This comment is for CLINT.
    Your last snarky reply(Sept 2105) to PL shows who you really are inside and it’s not pretty in my opinion. In fact, your comment in total was unnecessary to say the least. I read your lengthy comment about PL’s asking for a mere few dollars for his enormous amount of information put forward and most of it IS FREE. I love a good debate and thought I was going to read something intelligent and meaningful but was disappointed. Mostly, you appeared to me to be pretentious. Picking out one minor detail amongst the wealth and health of spiritual knowledge put forth by the great PL Chang! REALLY?! (I love using that phrase)

    All I really wanted to say is that you did not provide any worthy contribution to this site and I hope you will think first… before you reply again, if so doing.
    We humans need light-energy people such as PL to help us understand ourselves and know whom we truly are. Source created/Co-creators.

    Please understand that I mean no real disrespect, only trying to offer some criticism in hopes you might see cleary.

    Be Well yourself! 🙂 (truely)

  5. Zach Grays says:

    Clint… most people would charge $15 —> AT the very LEAST <— for something such as this, that, Mr. PL, is selling for a MERE 6 FRIGGIN dollars.. and it's not even crap questions that most intelligent people ask themselves and then figure out within a blink of an eye… Mr. PL is selling LEGITIMATE information…. come on meow clint.