Accessing High Frequency Energy Using Your Pineal Gland

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Pineal Gland Third Eye

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If you want to be healthy at the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level, you need to learn how to access high frequency energy. This type of healing energy is essential for health for the reason that it raises the frequency of your body and soul.

The frequency rate of your body plays an essential role for your health, because it affects the performance of your body. For this reason, when you surround yourself with high frequency energy, your health improves. On the other hand, when you surround yourself with low frequency energy, your health deteriorates.

According to some frequency researchers, a healthy human body’s frequency rates are between 62 and 78 MHz. Any frequency rate below 62 MHz will make the human body vulnerable to illness and disease. The lower the frequency rate, the more susceptible the human body is to illness and disease. Once the frequency rate of the human body reaches 25 MHz, the risk of death increases dramatically. For more detailed information about frequency and disease, read this informative article titled The Relationship Between Disease and Energy Frequency.

How to access high frequency energy using your pineal gland

The pineal gland is a small endocrine gland located at the center of your brain. It looks somewhat like a pine cone, which is why it is called the pineal gland. Many spiritual teachers like to refer to the pineal gland as the third eye, inner eye, all-seeing eye, spiritual eye, or mind’s eye. They often encourage us to strengthen the functions of our pineal gland, because this gland allows us to access healing energies that contain high frequency.

Many ancient civilizations and spiritual teachers believe that when the third eye is activated and functioning properly, it allows us to see beyond the perception of ordinary sight. In other words, it can help us see beyond the physical realm. One of the ways you can personally test to see if your third eye could see beyond the perception of ordinary sight is to concentrate on your inner vision. One of the best times to do this is during bedtime.

The next time you go to bed, focus your awareness towards your third eye right before you doze off. This process can open your third eye, allowing you to see images in your head or even your room with a 360-degree view. Another good time to activate your third eye is right after you wake up. Instead of getting out of bed, lie still and focus your awareness towards your third eye with the intention of opening it.

The more you practice using your pineal gland or third eye to see beyond the material world, the stronger it gets. As your pineal gland becomes stronger and more active, your ability to access high frequency energy will increase.

Sungazing and pineal gland activation

Many meditators are aware that certain mediation techniques can help activate the pineal gland, but many of them don’t realize that sungazing may also play a big role in activating this small endocrine gland. Sungazing is the process of staring at the sun during sunrise or sunset. During this time, the light emitted from the sun isn’t as strong, making it safer to look at the sun. Many people who practice sungazing believe that it is beneficial to the eyes and the pineal gland.

The idea that sungazing can help activate the pineal gland may sound like pseudoscience, but some scientists have confirmed that sunlight can stimulate the pineal gland to secret certain hormones. As described at

There’s more to the pineal gland than what meets the eye, or, I should say, optic nerve. The effect of sunlight on the pineal is something that needs to be researched more. It’s already one of the most researched glands. We know that bright light stimulates the production of seratonin and melatonin in the pineal, but there are other neurochemicals produced by the pineal that have more profound effects than just the mood, sleep, reproductive and body temperature effects of serotonin and melatonin.

When you first start practicing sungazing, only look at the sun for a few seconds. As your eyes become more accustomed to it, you can increase the time. However, pay attention to how your eyes are responding to the sunlight. If you feel a lot of discomfort or pain in your eyes, allow some time for your eyes to recover before repeating the process. Once the sun rises above the horizon, you must not directly look at it for more than a few seconds or it could harm your eyes.

Visualization and pineal gland activation

When you visualize something, you are forcing your mind to use your third eye. By doing this, you can stimulate your pineal gland into activation. As your pineal gland becomes more active, more high frequency energy can flow into your body. This process can heal your body and awaken other dormant sections of your brain.

Besides helping you activate your pineal gland, visualization can also improve your talents. The process of using visualization techniques to improve people’s talents has been well studied by Russian scientists. They demonstrated that by incorporating visualization procedures in athletes’ workout routines, they were able to increase the performance of these athletes.

Nowadays, many professional athletes are also using the power of visualization to improve their performance, including but not limited to Tiger Woods.

Sodium fluoride and pineal gland calcification

A toxic substance that is very harmful to your pineal gland and health is sodium fluoride, also known as fluoride. Sodium fluoride isn’t the same as the natural version of fluoride, which is known as calcium fluoride. This natural version of fluoride is often found in soil and spring water in very small quantities. On the hand, sodium fluoride is a synthetic industrial waste containing dozens of hazardous chemicals, including but not limited to arsenic, aluminum, lead, and fluorosilicic acid. If you want evidence of this, read this controversial article.

Sodium fluoride is very harmful to your pineal gland, because it disrupts its functions by hardening its interior walls. Besides being harmful to your pineal gland, sodium fluoride is also toxic to your brain, heart, and other organs of your body. Since this toxic waste was used to treat drinking water, the cases of pineal gland calcification have been increasing.

To effectively remove fluoride from drinking water, you will need to use a water purification system that has a special filter called activated alumina (AAL). This special filter contains some aluminum particles, so if you are concern about aluminum, you may want to purchase a water purification system that uses distillation or reverse osmosis technology.

Reverse osmosis water purification systems and water distillers are some of the best water filtration systems for removing fluoride from drinking water. As for toothpaste, only use toothpaste that is free of sodium fluoride.

Once you activate and strengthen your pineal gland to a certain point, you should notice an improvement in brain function. In addition, your spiritual awareness and intuition should also increase. As your brain function and spiritual awareness increase, your ability to access high frequency energy will also strengthen.

For more ways to strengthen and activate your pineal gland, read this empowering article titled Calcified Pineal Gland: How to Decalcify It.


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  1. kate says:

    I have a large cyst in my pineal gland. My energy is pounding almost always. I feel others a motions, I’m strong but unstable. Please let me no if this is related.

    • PL Chang says:

      I am not an expert on how cysts are formed in the pineal gland, so I do not have a specific answer. My general answer would be that it could be related. If you feel pressure in your head a lot, then it may be related.

    • White Light says:

      You need iodine good Sir. Trust me.

      Love and Light

  2. JL says:

    Mr. Chang all my life I have felt/heard frequencies being emitted from the center of my brain that extends outward in every direction but seem concentrated towards my forehead. It’s embarrassing but I never realized until recently that our pineal gland exists precisely where the frequencies are coming from.

    I have never experienced “silence” in my entire life, the frequencies have always been here with me. I have had several hearing and eye tests over the last 3 decades and I have never been diagnosed with any issues at all. In fact I feel like my eyesight and hearing are both exceptional.

    I wouldnt consider myself a psychic but I have an uncanny intuition and I am capable of momentarily focusing in on people I have not seen for weeks, months and even over a year who will all call me within 24 hrs almost without exception. If I were to compare the dominant frequency that I hear in my head to a letter in the alphabet it wouldn’t be “aaaaaa..” or “bbbbbb..” or “ccccccc..”…the letter that beats out all other letters is “uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu…”. Has anyone else ever spoken to you about this topic? I’ve always been at a loss of answers for what is going on inside of my head and it would be nice if someone credible and reputable would allow me answers. Thanks for your time, sir.

    • PL Chang says:

      I have heard about the “ringing in the ear” noise but have not heard about the sounds you are talking about. You probably have a strong sense to hear sounds that are beyond what most people can hear. Sorry but no one has ever spoken to me about your condition. Keep seeking for the answer to your question and I am sure you will find it someday.

  3. Hego says:

    Hi Mr Chang,

    Regarding the sungazing: there is also a method to be used in full sun and is also working. One can stare at the sun with eyes closed and focus the attention between the eyes as if rolling eyes up. The feeling is intense and you can literally feel your third eye opening. Discovered it recently and love it.

    All the best,