My Response to the Haters and the Consequences of not Facing Your Fears

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Courage and Fear

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I’m writing this article because I’m tired of people saying that my controversial articles are too fear-based. I advise that you read this article thoroughly because it explains why avoiding fearful things isn’t going to free us from the Dark Forces or help us achieve true enlightenment and freedom.

When you are fearful of something, it means that you haven’t build enough courage to overcome it. To overcome your fears, you need to face them instead of avoid them.

As long as you avoid your fears while living in a dimensionalized reality field that has polarity, time, and space, you can never achieve true enlightenment. Why is that you may ask? Because a truly enlightened being won’t be fearful of anything, just like the original Creator.

I usually don’t write articles that contain harsh words, but I’m just tired of people thinking that they can achieve enlightenment or spiritual freedom by living in denial and avoiding their fears. Every time I write an article about the New World Order (NWO), the Banksters, secret societies, or false flag events, some readers will unsubscribe and then contact me saying that my articles are too negative or have little to do with conscious living and spirituality.

Here is my response to the people who think I’m a fearmonger:

To the people who don’t like to face the Dark Forces, your ignorance is making it 100 times easier for the Dark Forces to destroy your future, the future of your family, and the human race. If you care about your future and the future of the human race, start paying attention to the people who are exposing the dark agendas of the Dark Forces, so that they can teach you ways to protect you and your family from the Dark Forces.

The information in my controversial articles has everything to do with conscious living and spirituality. At the deepest level, the Earth Drama is heavily focused on the spiritual war for our soul. Read my informative article title How the Controllers Use Religion, Money, Politics, and Education to Enslave Our Souls and you should know what I’m talking about.

One of the main reasons why the Dark Forces became so powerful is because we have a bunch of cowardly souls living on Earth who are too afraid to look “evil” in the eyes and say enough is enough. All it takes for “evil” to flourish and destroy humanity is for good people to live in denial and pretend that everything is all fine and dandy. For proof that everything is NOT all fine and dandy, read this shocking article titled Exposing the New World Order Before the July 4th Weekend: WTF Happened to the Principles of Freedom and Liberty?

To the people who think that their god is going to save them or that meditating all day is going to protect them from the Dark Forces, you people are making it easier for the Dark Forces to infiltrate societies, and therefore making it harder for the brave souls to cleanse our social structures of psychopaths, mass murderers, and pedophiles.

To the people who think that because they create their own reality the Dark Forces don’t have any power over them, no disrespect but you folks are somewhat delusional and are also making it harder for the brave souls to cleanse our social structures of corrupt leaders. Save the wishful thinking mentality for the higher dimensions that aren’t heavily polarized or controlled by the Dark Forces.

To the souls who made a spiritual contract to incarnate on Earth to help free humanity, if you are too afraid to stand up against the Dark Forces, when your spiritual contract is over, go incarnate on a planet that isn’t controlled by the Dark Forces. Earth doesn’t need anymore cowardly souls.

To the people who think that my controversial articles are too scary to read, when I write these articles, my intention is to inform you of the truth and teach you ways to solve certain social problems, so that we as the human race can overcome our social problems and create a better future for everyone. No matter how scary the truth is, it is the truth that will set you free.

Earth isn’t a place for cowardly souls

Whether we like it or not, we live in a heavily polarized reality field (Earth reality field) that utilizes love and fear to create opportunities for us to experience, so that we can grow and evolve. Polarity isn’t necessary a bad thing, but when we become irresponsible and don’t want to face our fears, the power of the negative polarity can become too strong, causing wars and other negative events to manifest into our reality. This lack of responsibility has allowed the Dark Forces to launch an intergalactic/interdimensional war on the human race.

In order to save the human race from being annihilated by the Dark Forces, we need brave souls who aren’t afraid to look “evil” in the eyes and give them the middle finger. The souls who think that they can save the human race by wishful thinking or concentrating on mostly love and light are living in a fantasy world.

Save the wishful thinking mentality for the higher dimensions that aren’t heavily polarized, because this type of thinking works better in those dimensions. As for the lower dimensions, it takes action, courage, knowledge, time, constructive thought, and personal responsibility to create real change.

Real change on Earth requires action

If we are just talking about using only our thoughts to create our own reality and to manifest our desires, then consciously we don’t have too much control of the thought manifestation process. For example, at our current evolution, we can’t instantly manifest physical objects out of thin air using the power of thought.

When we need to go to the store to buy food, we don’t think about food and then it magically appears out of thin air. What we usually do is think about what food we need to buy, make the decision to go to the store, and then walk or drive there. In other words, to create real change on our Earth reality plane takes action.

When it comes to creating change to better our life or the world, we can sit outside and meditate happy and successful thoughts until the day we die and these thoughts still aren’t going to create significant change. Unless we get up and take appropriate actions, real significant change isn’t going to happen in our current Earth reality plane.

For more information on how to create real change, read this empowering article titled Does the Law of Attraction Work? Exposing the Truths and Lies of this Universal Law.

The consequences of not facing your fears

The paragraphs in block quotation describe why the action of not facing your fears can lead to psychological and emotional problems. They are extracted from my earlier article titled How Fear Weakens Your Energy of Empowerment.

Fear weakens your energy of empowerment by making you scare of facing things that you are fearful of. By not facing your fears, you are making it impossible for you to understand and overcome them. The lack of understanding your fears will cause confusion, doubt, and anxiety, leading to psychological and emotional problems. If these psychological and emotional issues aren’t healed properly, they will negatively affect your mind, body, and soul, causing you to lack self-empowerment. To prevent these negative effects of fear from consuming your vital energy, you need to be more responsible by facing your fears instead of running away from them.

Fear is your greatest weakness because it promotes confusion, anxiety, and cowardice. These negative effects of fear lower your intelligence, preventing your from thinking clearly and understanding your fears. Because fear is your greatest weakness, it is one of the best “mind control” tools to use for controlling your mind. The Controllers are well aware of how powerful fear is as a “mind control” tool, which is why they are always using their mainstream media to broadcast news related to fear, such as wars and terrorism. For strong evidence of these claims, read this controversial article titled How Mainstream Media Deceives You with Its Magic Tricks.

If you want to be free, support the brave souls and stop attacking them

When people say that they don’t like reading my controversial articles because they are too fear-based, what they are really saying is that they don’t have the courage to face their fears. In other words, they are cowardly souls who don’t want to face the fact that the Dark Forces are committing genocide, sacrificing and raping children, and destroying the home that they called Earth.

So, if you are one of those souls who don’t have the courage to stand up against the Dark Forces, then get out of the way and stop harassing or attacking the brave souls who do have the courage to stand up for life and freedom. Also, you may want to think about NOT agreeing to a new spiritual contract to come back to Earth when your spiritual contract with Earth is over. Earth isn’t a “school” for cowardly souls because it is currently involved in a spiritual war that has been going on for eons.

If you want to know what this spiritual war is really about, view or download my seminars and study the information in them. After studying the information in my seminars, you will be more awake and aware than 97 percent of the world’s population. Be advised that my seminars aren’t for cowardly souls.

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Comments (9)

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  1. Elen says:

    Dear Mr. Chang,

    I just wanted to let you know that I completely agree with you on this article & the rest of them. I always appreciated the fact there are people like you trying to uncover the true to us, sheeple, unfortunately most of whom are looking for the false & delusional comfort in this life, choosing to stay blind.
    Keep doing great job & don’t pay attention to the whiners!
    Thank you!

    • PL Chang says:

      You are welcome Elen. Thank you for your encouragement.

    • Kevin says:

      I like seeing this king of effort in our society to make a real positive change for the future. The best and most effective way to destroy fear, is with truth, and solidarity. When you know what it is, you face, you can approach it with courage, strength, and conviction! People fear the unknown, so know it, and fear it not! People also fear estrangement and isolation (the chief products of educational and media brainwashing), so solidarity and mutual respect is essential to foster among the awoken, and knowing. We need to have each-other’s back, and that means sharing info, helping junior truthers, being kinder and in a more seductive/subtle Socratic way to help break through to the uninformed and mis-lead masses, and to pass on events and meetings for networking and empowerment for the members in the cause! Pharmaceutical, medical, energy, educational, agricultural, chemical, arms manufacturing,et. agnosium, need to be brought to heed to serve the needs of humanity, without profit, so that excesses and profit driven greed can be brought under control and allow us to develop or force the unleashing on mainstreaming of underived/suppressed technologies that can provide freedom and independence to the human condition in ways that will make big government, and global cartels, and systemic warfare for non-renewable resource control: obsolete! The home of the future will completely self sufficient (not off grid, but grid networked and cooperative and sharing), and actually be able to produce a net gains on energy and edible plant mass to provide for public and social needs domestically, and globally, in ways never imagined (except in my mind eye). That and stabilizing the moon’s orbit, are essential to securing human existence on Earth for what could be additional years of planetary viability in the 10’s of millions.

  2. Orion says:

    Great Article Pao . . .

    This is a time period where we ALL Need to be Strong & Clearly Focused . . .

    This Includes the Ability to SEE Evil when it’s in front of us & to DEAL With It!

    No amount of Free Pop Corn & Candy distractions will Make it Go Away . . .

    Keep On Kicking the Truth Out – Like it or Not it’s What’s Needed !

    Cheers from Orion

    • PL Chang says:

      Yes, I agree with you Orion. Many of the great changes will happen in the next few years, so we need to be strong and clearly focused and take appropriate actions to help us deal with these changes.

  3. Eddy-Joe says:

    Right on brother, I agree that we need a lot more brave souls to fight the Tierney of our world today. I believe that if you want change you have to drive change, and that means feet to the street. If you do not physically drive change than you really are no different than those that pray to some deity in the sky to solve all their problems. Yet they will attack those persons right away. Carry on with the great work and thanks for accepting me to your group. Love understanding and happiness to you. P.S. keep fighting the good fight.

  4. Kamaka says:

    This is amazing. Thank you.

    I’m getting tired of Law of Attraction teachers claiming that vibrational alignment is the only step needed to create a specific outcome. In theory that may be true, but entrainment (or size of vibration) overrules attraction. What I mean is, in order to just think a perfect world into being, we would have to just sit and be positive until we generated and amassed enough like minded people to outnumber the destructive forces, meanwhile the destructive forces are also growing. So…it either takes forever, or never happens. Another example is matrix programming on a massive scale, such as Saturn. The vibration or programming of Saturn is so massive, that one person is probably not going to override it’s effect just by positive thinking, especially if they are not even aware that programming is going on!

    I believe one human can change the world with an idea, but it takes action to spread that idea around.

    This was so empowering to read, thank you so much.

  5. Stacie says:

    Thank you Pao for speaking the truth! It’s such a relief to find people that understand the truth. I’m ready to stand and fight. I truly believe that it does take an army of like minded people to take on the evils that have controlled this planet for so long. Light and fluffy is great for light and fluffy environments, but darkness needs more than fluffy rainbows to win back this planet. Thank you!