The Hidden Truth of Cancer and How It Destroys Your Energy

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Cancer is a deadly medical condition but if you understand what it is and how it develops in the human body, you can find ways to treat it. Most cancer institutions claim that cancer isn’t curable. Their claim is misleading for the reason that certain alternative medicine practitioners have treated cancer with great success.

The successful cancer treatments that they used aren’t supported by conventional cancer institutions (e.g, the American Cancer Society), because these cancer institutions don’t really care about saving lives. Instead, they put money above everything else and thus cancer cures are considered threats to the survival of their business.

How cancer destroys your energy

Most people don’t realize that pre-cancer cells develop in their body on a regular basis. The main reason why most people don’t actually get cancer is because their immune system is still strong enough to search and destroy pre-cancer cells before they grow out of control. In other words, the immune system is the best defense against cancer. For this reason, using conventional cancer treatments to cure cancer is a death sentence, because these cancer treatments are very harmful to the immune system.

One of the main causes of cancer in the body is an overgrowth of fungus and parasites. These organisms like to release certain toxins that can cause cells to multiply more than they should. As cells multiply out of control, you get cancer. One important thing you need to know about cancer is that it loves to live in a body that lacks oxygen. In fact, the lack of oxygen inside cells can increase your risk of cancer.

Most adults have good levels of oxygen in their bloodstream. However, the interior of their cells often lacks oxygen. This is due to the fact that the walls of their cells have been significantly damaged by toxins from processed foods and the environment, making it harder for their cells to absorb oxygen. As the health of their cells deteriorates, their cells can’t produce enough energy, causing fatigue and increasing their risk of cancer.

Since cancer cells lack oxygen and are bad at producing energy, they are great at destroying your energy and causing chronic fatigue syndrome. If you want to dramatically reduce your risk of cancer, avoid eating processed foods and consume more organic plant foods. Furthermore, take high quality supplements that are great for helping your immune system fight cancer. Vitamin C powder is one of the best supplements for fighting cancer.

You should also educate yourself about the real science behind cancer. The book titled The Cure For All Cancers (free PDF version) by Hulda Regehr Clark, Ph.D.,N.D. is a great place to start. Studying the information in the following videos will also help you learn about the science behind cancer. For more rare information about cancer, read this article titled The Forbidden Cures of Cancer.

Thanks to Orion for sending me the links to the two videos below.

Sanitas Radio – Prof. Brian Peskin – The Hidden Story of Cancer

Real Science Behind Essential Fatty Acids, Cancer, and Heart Disease by Brian Peskin

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  1. Orion says:

    Nice article Pao . . . Many thanks for all your Good Works !

    Love & Cheers from Orion

  2. Nerdsamwich says:

    Cancer doesn’t destroy your “energy”, it destroys your organs. How many people have to die before you stop telling them to stay away from real medicine?