The Holographic Disclosure: Discover the Secrets of Energy, Reality, and Life

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Screenshot from / SecretKeyActivator3

Screenshot from / SecretKeyActivator3

The Holographic Disclosure is a film that explores the origin of life and the secrets of energy, reality, and religion. This film also shows you the deeper meanings of certain words and how these words are used to condition your mind and shape your reality.

For example, the film explains why the biblical story of Adam and Eve isn’t really a story about the first man and woman. Instead, it is a story about the birth of the physical reality. When The Bible talks about Adam, it isn’t always referring to a man. The deeper meaning of the name Adam has to do with the first atom (atomic particle). Hence the two words “adam/atom”. As for Eve, it is referring to the dawn of creation or the coming of the light.

My comprehension of The Bible is that it is a book of symbolic codes and metaphors. If you read The Bible or any popular “holy book” without comprehending the codes, metaphors, and hidden meanings behind it, you will never know what it is truly trying to tell you. In other words, the stories and words in The Bible don’t mean what you have been conditioned to believe.

Once you learn how to decipher The Bible and other holy books (e.g., The Quran), you will know that the stories in these books contain parables that are associated with astrology and ancient wisdom. The Bible does contain a lot of truth, but if you read it like a regular book without comprehending the symbolic codes behind it, you aren’t reading content of truth but are reading content of deception.

The authors of The Bible were minions of the Dark Magicians (the Controllers) who knew how to use the art of word magic. They purposely added symbolic codes and metaphors into The Bible and other “holy books” to deceive you. However, if you learn how to decipher their codes and metaphors, you will know what the stories in their “holy books” actually mean.

For more information on how the Dark Magicians use word magic to deceive you, read this empowering article titled Bradley Loves: The Great CON of Man and the New World Order – Part 1 Through 6. Even better, download my fourth seminar titled Word Magic and the Power of Words and study the information in it.

The videos below have important information that will help you comprehend life and reality beyond conventional thinking. Some of the videos contain shocking information about secret societies that may disturb you. If you are new to this type of information, prepare yourself and buckle up because it is going to be a crazy ride.

Please be aware that by including the videos in this article doesn’t mean that I agree with all the information in them. However, I’m aware of most of the information in the videos and I do agree with a lot of it. My advice is to watch the videos with an open mind and use your feelings and critical thinking skills to help you discern them. Take the information that resonates with you and leave the rest behind.

The Holographic Disclosure Part 1 through 14 (for part 7 and 13 watch below)

The Holographic Disclosure Part 7

The Holographic Disclosure Part 13

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  1. T2016 says:

    Sorry man but we don’t even know the actual meaning of the commonly used words back then, let alone the mltiple translations and alterations over the centuries.

    So whatever “codes” might have been in there, you will hardly ever find those in anything but the greek/aramaic original versions.

    And I’m also quite confident that you don’t know anything more about any of that then I do, or that any average reader does.

    But I’m sure you’ll explain the whole “truth” to us for just $19.95 in your upcoming book/movie/whatever… yeah right.

    • PL Chang says:

      Another ignorant person who has little clue to how the world truly works. You need to study the Occult to truly know what I’m talking about. Once you educate yourself about how secret societies operate, come back and try to prove me wrong and I will take you more seriously. Also, learn how to have a real debate instead of just attacking me with unpleasant words. Attacking me isn’t going to help you find truth or change the world into a better place. SMH

      • Eudoxia says:

        PL Nearly all people I encounter who can’t handle nor identify the matrix resort to ad homonym remarks – shooting the messenger as they have nothing substantial in their argument is so typical. their little vicim egos can’t find anything to support their false construct so in order to feel good and superior they have the berate and tear down instead. Truly pathetic I know.

        • PL Chang says:

          Yes, that is one reason why people like to attack the messenger. Most people don’t like to face the fact that they have been manipulated, deceived, and lied to, so they attack the messenger to make them feel good. It is such a cowardly act.

  2. postman80 says:

    I was fascinated at first but as I progressed through the series I came to realize that it was but a clever attempt at disinformation by mixing truth with fear. It did, however, teach me something, or rather reinforced a lesson I had learned: Think for yourself always, question everything.

    • PL Chang says:

      I do agree with you that we should question everything. One thing you should keep in mind about truth is that it can be found in information that contains fear and information that contains love. Because of this, if you run away from fearful information, you can never comprehend the Earth Drama in its totality.

      When you are fearful of something, it means that you haven’t build enough courage to overcome it. To overcome it, you have to face it and study it so that you can comprehend it. Next, you need to turn the fearful information into knowledge of empowerment. Once you comprehend your fears, they won’t affect you as much anymore.

      If you want to learn how to overcome your fears, visit the link below.

      • postman80 says:

        I’m talking about Fear as in low vibration energy, bad vibes, as they say, as opposed to Love or high vibration energy, even if the series is trying to address the Big Questions, like what are we?, why are we here?, and so on. These questions are so fundamental that they can only be addressed using principles that are equally fundamental: Fear and Love.

        Now, what the series does is, it presents the Big Questions and then proceeds to address them but in a way that is confusing as opposed to illuminating. It’s sending out mixed messages. Fear is mixed with Love. And the way it is presented, it’s not designed to be taken as ‘tough love’ either, i.e. the presentation of Truth that may at first be upsetting but that will eventually be regarded as good.

        The word I think best describes the feeling I experienced watching the series is ‘insidious’. It left an aftertaste I can only describe as ‘despair’.

        Now, what do you reckon something like this would do to a tender mind in search of Truth?

        • PL Chang says:

          Here is my experience from watching all the parts of the film. The film didn’t scare me one bit. Although, the gruesome pictures did make me feel uncomfortable in my stomach area. Through many years of studying how the light and dark forces operate, I have gained enough knowledge to empower me to the point where exploring these frightening topics doesn’t scare me anymore.

          When I first started investigating how the Dark Forces operate and their dark agendas, it was scary and confusing, but that was because I lacked the essential knowledge to help me to comprehend what the Dark Forces are and why they are trying to enslave humanity. Because of my experience, I advise people who are new to these controversial topics to think twice about watching The Holographic Disclosure until they gain enough courage and knowledge to face the strongest groups of the Dark Forces.

          When I watched The Holographic Disclosure, there was many information that did resonate with me and there was many that didn’t. The information that didn’t resonate with me was tossed aside without allowing it to interfere with my investigation. This process is very important because if you don’t know how to separate information that resonates with you from information that doesn’t, it will cause a lot of confusion and fear. After watching the whole film and spending a day contemplating the information, I felt that it was more empowering than disempowering to me, because it has helped me to comprehend certain aspects of the Earth Drama at a deeper level. Note: This is based on the information that resonates with me and not the information that doesn’t resonate with me.

          For most people, this film is going to be scary and confusing, because the film exposes many secrets of the Dark Forces, such as their dark magic techniques and their rituals of sacrificing and raping children. The leaders of the Dark Forces do sacrifice and rape children for power and pleasure. To ignore this fact isn’t going to stop them from doing it.

          One thing I don’t like about the film is that it doesn’t teach us a lot of effective solutions to solve problems that it addresses. This makes the film less empowering.

          So, would I recommend this film to a tender mind in search for the truth? No, because this film isn’t for someone who doesn’t have the courage to look evil in the eyes and give it the middle finger. Once a person has gained enough courage to face evil and the knowledge to comprehend the Earth Drama at a deep level, then I would recommend that person to watch this film. Even though I don’t agree with everything in this film, it does contain some empowering knowledge.

          • Eudoxia says:

            Right on brother! Can’t agree more. Your input and understanding of the situation here on planet Earth is exceptional PL I’ll be making this site a preferred port of call. PL I do feel a tipping point has been reached with the grand wake up. The black occultists in power are screwing up left, right and centre, drawing even more attention to their lies and manipulation. But there are still many more who need to wake up to the matrix. I have been of the understanding for some time that the FODS know how to make us create the reality they want and we have been manipulated thus. What we need to do now is form a strategy of breaking down the filters that people use to keep the information out. I’m pretty sure you know when you breach a taboo topic like exposing their dark plans to some people they fly off the deep end, they have an inbuilt ‘ring-pass-not’ when it comes to truth. How can we bust that open? Got any ideas? I’m all ears.

            • PL Chang says:

              For breaking down the filters and making people more open to controversial topics, I have found that most people are more willing to listen when you introduce them to less esoteric and less unpleasant topics first, and then use those topics as introductions to other topics. For newcomers, it is usually wise to introduce them to these topics slowly, so that they have time to process the information and let it sink in. I have also realized that it isn’t wise to pressure people to look into controversial topics. For the people who don’t want to listen, it is better to leave them alone and move on to people who do want to listen. There are over 7 billion people on this planet and only one of you, so you don’t have time to waste on people who don’t want to wake up. Once a certain percentage of people wake up, most of the people who are still spiritually asleep will regardlessly follow the footsteps of the awakened ones.

              One of the many topics that I like to use to break the filters of newcomers is fluoride (sodium fluoride). What I do is teach them about the difference between synthetic fluoride (sodium fluoride) and natural fluoride (calcium fluoride). Then I give them strong evidence showing how toxic sodium fluoride is using independent studies and visual evidence in videos. The mainstream media is now starting to admit that sodium fluoride is a toxin, so waking people up to the fact that sodium fluoride is a toxin is a lot easier now.


              After allowing people time to process the information, I would teach them about how and why sodium fluoride is allowed to be added into drinking water and food. Then I would teach them about the problems in the medical industry and connect them to other industry (e.g, banking, politics, law, etc), and what we can do to fix these problems. To help people see the big picture while at the same time empowering them, you have to teach them many different topics and also give them solutions to certain problems related to those topics. If people still want to know more, I would then teach them about their spiritual powers, how secret societies operate, and how magic is used by the Occult to control people and affect reality.

              The important thing is to empower people with empowering knowledge without controlling them, so that they can open their eyes more and become visionaries, independent thinkers, and responsible people. This will help people to free their mind and comprehend the big picture.

  3. Eudoxia says:

    Great article, I’ve seen the grid when I had ingested San Pedro. I went to link (Bradley Love) on offer and the only thing I can fault with it was the Vatican calling the shots with when Easter Sunday is. Good Friday is always calculated by the first Friday that falls on or after the first full moon of the autumn (southern hemisphere anyway) Equinox. We need to badly get our shit together and create the parasites out of our Universe. The major problem being is the FODs (forces of darkness) still hold sway of the people via politics, media and religion the hypnotic that keeps the sheeple held in the Matrix. As they are the ones paralysed of all consciousness via the matrix and what an amazing job it’s done.

    • PL Chang says:

      Yes, we do need to get our shit together and start taking actions to wake people up and find ways to stop the Dark Forces. Right now the Dark Forces are speeding up their dark plans, because many people are waking up, so we need to expose their dark plans as fast as possible and be a step ahead of them.

      • Eudoxia says:

        They are speeding them up but in doing so drawing more attention to themselves and their nefarious plans. There are quite a few ex politicians now speaking out loud and clear. So, when it comes to people who are locked into the matrix, it’s hard to even attempt to explain anything to them as they are too reactive. They need to hear this stuff on TV or from a person PERSON in AUTHORITY before they accept anything or even bother doing their own research – attack and shoot the messenger is their preferred defence mechanism. However, when you show them articles written by former politicians and ex military etc they sit up and pay attention. I think this is one way of going about it.

  4. Hannah says:

    Thank you PL Chang for your valuable input. Very helpful and i have to say i agree with everything you said here. Its certainly an excellent series but like you say, make sure we have our critical thinking hats on 🙂

  5. Doubletake says:

    Late to this article, but I have watched this twice. I am not trying to make an argument to thosr who wont accept it for religion, but to dismiss “God” and science and not put forth who had the original thought means this whole theory has no basis. I believe in a creator, so does this guy since he says it all starts with thought.