Decentralized Systems: Are They the Answers to Freeing Humanity from the Corporate Government?

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Update: After writing this article, I discovered that cryptocurrency may be the digital currency that the New World Order wants to use to enslave the people. Read my article titled The Artificial Matrix and the Hidden Agenda of Digital Currency for more information about the hidden agenda of cryptocurrency.

For millennia, humanity hasn’t had the opportunity to experience an effective decentralized system that has the potential to help free humanity from the control of dictators and banksters. The countless wars and genocides throughout human history occurred mainly due to our lack of courage and motivation to take responsibility for our spiritual growth and evolution. This lack of responsibility has always made us vulnerable to manipulation and control. Furthermore, it has made us dependent on mostly centralized systems to function as a society. As long as we rely on mostly centralized systems to evolve, achieving true freedom will be nearly impossible for us to do.

The difference between a centralized and a decentralized system

A centralized system relies on a few individuals to make important decisions for the community. Those individuals usually work in a high position of power, and therefore they have great control over the decision of everyone below them. On the other hand, a decentralized system relies on nearly all individuals to make decisions. However, the very important decisions are usually made by a few individuals with the support of everyone else.

When it comes to efficiency, centralized systems are usually better than decentralized systems, since there are only a few individuals making important decisions. As a result, things can get done quicker with less conflict. However, in a society where people don’t pay attention to what their authorities and leaders are doing, centralized systems can be used to enslave the people. This is exactly what is happening to us.

As for decentralized systems, they are often less efficient than centralized systems. However, with the right technologies, many of the inefficiencies of decentralized systems can be fixed. For example, when it comes to using conventional digital currencies to purchase goods and services online, it isn’t wise to use a conventional digital currency that isn’t backed by banks. One of the reasons for this is because banks have professionals to monitor transactions to make sure they are secure, reducing the chance of unauthorized financial transaction and fraud. These security problems of online financial transactions are some of the main reasons why banks are needed. However, when cryptocurrency emerged in early 2008, it solved most of these security problems.

What are some examples of a decentralized system?

Ever since cryptocurrency was invented and made available to the public in 2008, many decentralized systems have emerged into the public domain. Some of them are Bitcoin, Litecoin, Peercoin, EmerCoin, Namecoin, BitShares, OpenBazaar, and MeshNet. Many of these decentralized systems were made possible because of Satoshi Nakamoto. Below is a paragraph from my article titled Why You Should Buy and Use Bitcoin. The paragraph explains why the works of Satoshi Nakamoto are essential for creating decentralized systems.

Cryptocurrency was made possible through the stunning works of Satoshi Nakamoto. Many people of the Bitcoin community believe that Satoshi Nakamoto is actually a pseudonym that represents a small group of computer programmers. In 2008, Nakamoto surprisingly found a way to create a decentralized network based on cryptography that could achieve consensus or agreement without the oversight of any central authority entity. His achievements opened up a whole new way of trading information through the internet and sparked the Bitcoin movement.

Satoshi Nakamoto’s technology is so revolutionary that for the first time in modern human history, we can create a super secure network that can achieve consensus without relying on banks and government agencies to make sure everything is running smoothly and securely. Satoshi Nakamoto’s decision to use his revolutionary technology to create Bitcoin (the first cryptocurrency) was even more revolutionary.

With the invention of Bitcoin, we can use digital currency to securely purchase goods and services online without relying on banks. In fact, we can even use it to create our own bank. Now, isn’t that cool? If you know how banks truly work, you should know why cryptocurrency is one of the most important inventions for freeing us from the corporate government and the Banksters!

Why decentralized systems are the answers to freeing humanity from the corporate government and protecting internet freedom

Once you comprehend how decentralized systems operate, you should know that they will play a very big role for freeing humanity from the control of corporations and their corporate government. Decentralized systems by themselves won’t free us from the corporate government, because for these decentralized systems to help us restore our freedom, they need to be used by responsible people. This means that we need to grow up and stop relying on the government to make important decisions for us.

One important feature of decentralized systems is their capacity to motivate us to be more responsible beings. Decentralized systems are great for doing this because they are powered by we the people instead of the corporate government. As we become more responsible beings, we will rely less on the government and its service.

The openness of the Internet is constantly being attacked by certain malicious factions of government agencies throughout the world. As a result, domain name thefts and unreliable internet connections are becoming big problems. Furthermore, new anti-internet freedom bills written by corporations and their puppet politicians are going to make the situation worse, unless we stop these bills from being signed into laws. There are many hackers and programmers who are aware of these problems and have been working hard to develop decentralized systems that don’t rely on third parties to store information and transfer currency.

Here is a list of some impressive applications that are powered by a decentralized system. To learn more about these applications, click on the appropriate links below or watch the short videos at the end of this article.

  • Bitcoin: The first cryptocurrency that sparked the cryptocurrency movement and allowed decentralized systems to truly emerge as tools to empower the people. Bitcoin uses cryptographic technology to create digital programs that are super secure and can achieve consensus or agreement without the oversight of a central authority entity. It is important to know that Bitcoin isn’t just a digital currency that can be transferred from peer-to-peer, but is also a technology that can be used to create many different computer applications. These features of Bitcoin are some of the main reasons why it is an important technology for freeing us from the control of the corporate government.
  • Peercoin: This cryptocurrency works similar to Bitcoin for the reason that it was developed using Bitcoin technology. What makes Peercoin unique than most cryptocurrencies is that it relies on a proof-of-stake and proof-of-work system to transfer digital currency. According to the developers of Peercoin, their proof-of-stake technology requires less energy to process information. The problem with Peercoin is that it uses a centrally broadcast checkpoint mechanism, making it not truly a decentralized cryptocurrency. However, its developers are working on a solution to fix this issue.
  • Namecoin: The first fully operational decentralized open source information registration and transfer system based on Bitcoin technology. It is also the first blockchain-based initiative to offer an alternative to conventional domain name system (DNS). Namecoin is revolutionary because its technology is great for protecting free speech by making the Internet more resistant to censorship. In addition, it allows users to store identity information securely without relying on a third party.
  • MeshNet: This decentralized network is also revolutionary for the reason that it is built on secure protocols for routing traffic over private mesh or public internetworks. This means that you can freely send information or receive information without the support of a centralized infrastructure. A decentralized network like MeshNet will dramatically change the Internet in positive ways. “Imagine an Internet where every packet is cryptographically protected from source to destination against espionage and forgery, getting an IP address is as simple as generating a cryptographic key, core routers move data without a single memory look up, and denial of service is a term read about in history books. Finally, becoming an ISP is no longer confined to the mighty telecoms, anyone can do it by running some wires or turning on a wireless device.”
  • EmerCoin: A decentralized cryptocurrency that enables payments for nearly zero fees and without relying on a third party, such as a bank. EmerCoin is unique because it utilizes Bitcoin and Peercoin technology, but it also integrates its own technology to improve its service. One impressive feature of EmerCoin is that it has a blockchain-based DNS, which allows users to register .emc and .coin domains. By using EmerCoin to store your domain name, you don’t need to worry about a registrar accidentally transferring your domain name to someone else. Furthermore, the government will have a hard time stealing it. When you sign up for an account that is powered by a decentralized system like EmerCoin or Bitcoin, you are required to create a super secure private key that only you have access to. This private key protects everything in your account, and therefore no one can close your account or steal the information in it, unless you give that person your private key or it gets stolen.

The following video does a great job of exploring the benefits of decentralized systems. The person being interview is Andreas Antonopoulos, a technologist and Bitcoin entrepreneur who has become one of the most well-known and well-respected Bitcoin experts.

An Interview with Andreas Antonopoulos: Bitcoin and Decentralization

Why we need to abolish most centralized systems, especially the central banking system

Centralized systems are not all bad because many of them are necessary to help us function efficiently as a society. However, when we don’t pay attention to how centralized systems are being operated and allow psychopaths to infiltrate and control them, they can use these systems to destroy our freedom and liberty. This is exactly what has happened to most banks and government institutions throughout the world. Most of these institutions are controlled by psychopaths who are usually members or affiliated with malicious factions of secret societies. These psychopaths aren’t your average psychopaths because they are great actors and are quite intellectual.

As long as psychopaths are working at the top positions of the financial, political, military, religious, education, and justice system, they will always use these systems to control us. Many of these psychopaths are working for the Dark Magicians (the Controllers) of the 13 families of the Illuminati bloodlines. These 13 families are some of the wealthiest families on Earth and are the ones in charge of many centralized systems throughout the world, including but not limited to the Federal Reserve (Fed), the International Money Fund (IMF), and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

The main reason why the Dark Magicians are able to use their centralized systems to control us is because we were tricked into supporting their systems. The moment we stop supporting their centralized systems beyond the critical mass point, their systems will collapse. One of the best ways to do this is to support decentralized systems, such as Bitcoin, EmerCoin, Namecoin, BitShares, OpenBazaar, and MeshNet.

How decentralized systems can empower us and free us from the Dark Magicians

By supporting decentralized cryptocurrencies and decentralized networks, it will make it easier for us to take back the power of information and the power of money that we lost to the Dark Magicians. Once we achieve this, the Dark Magicians won’t be able to control us anymore, since decentralized systems will prevent them from controlling the transaction of currency and the flow of information.

The control of currency is one of the biggest sources of power for the Dark Magicians. This control of currency allows them to buy off politicians, manipulate the market, enslave us with debt, steal our wealth through inflation, and engineer economic crises. By taking away their power to control currency, they can’t bribe their federal agents to harass and control us, and thus it will make it a lot easier for us to restore our freedom.

Once you know how the Dark Magicians use currency to control the public, you should know that the current economic crisis is being engineered by the Dark Magicians. If you want to prevent them from destroying the economy of the world, start investing your time and money into decentralized systems. You may also want to learn how to protect your wealth from the Dark Magicians. To learn how to do this, read my empowering article titled How to Become Wealthy During an Economic Crisis.

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