Biospleen Device with Nanobeads Cleans Blood of Viruses, Bacteria, and Toxins

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Biospleen Device

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A research team led by Donald Ingber has developed a biospleen device that uses coated magnetic nanobeads with mannose-binding lectin (MBL) to clean the blood of viruses, bacteria, toxins, and unknown pathogens. MBL is a protein produced in the body that has the ability to bind to sugar molecules on the surfaces of over 90 different viruses, bacteria, and fungi, including the deadly Ebola virus. This protein also has the ability to help the body to detoxify toxins released by dead bacteria.

The biospleen device is an artificial spleen that does a great job of cleansing the blood of harmful microorganisms. Even though it does a great job of cleansing the blood, I wouldn’t recommend using this biospleen device to replace your spleen, unless you have no other choice. What I would recommend is to use it to clean your blood during an infection that is very hard to diagnose or cure.

According to the video in this article, the nanobeads found in the biospleen device are coated with a genetically modified version of MBL. If this concerns you, you may want to think twice about using this device to clean your blood when it becomes available in the near future.

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The researchers coated magnetic nanobeads with MBL. As blood enters the biospleen device, passes by the MBL-equipped nanobeads, which bind to most pathogens. A magnet on the biospleen device then pulls the beads and their quarry out of the blood, which can then be routed back into the patient.

… The researchers then tested whether the biospleen could handle the volume of blood in an average adult human — about 5 litres. They ran human blood containing a mixture of bacteria and fungi through the biospleen at a rate of 1 litre per hour, and found that the device removed most of the pathogens within five hours.

That degree of efficacy is probably enough to control an infection, Ingber says. Once the biospleen has removed most pathogens from the blood, antibiotics and the immune system can fight off remaining traces of infection — such as pathogens lodged in the organs, he says.

‘Spleen on a Chip’ Removes Blood Viruses


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