Why You Need to Study Natural Law

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Natural Universal Law

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When it comes to spiritual freedom, Natural Law is the most important knowledge for helping you achieve freedom and sovereignty. If you do not study Natural Law, you will never know how to exercise your natural rights and “innerstand” how the Universe really works.

The journey of studying Natural Law is very empowering, because it teaches you that you are a true sovereign and spiritual being. It also teaches you how to defend yourself against the Dark Forces using the Laws of Nature, which are binding, immutable (can not be changed), and inescapable.

“Innerstanding” Natural Law Is Required for Spiritual Freedom

Natural Law is one of the core “building blocks” of the Universe. Without Natural Law, the Universe can not exist and therefore it will not be possible for life to flourish. Scientists are well aware that the Universe has natural laws, such as the Law of Gravity. However, scientists often refer to these laws as scientific laws, because they do not want to admit that the Supreme Creator created these laws.

The Supreme Creator created the Laws of Nature to manage the dynamics of the Universe and to keep everything in balance. For these reasons, if you do not live in harmony with the Laws of Nature, it causes distortions in the energy systems of your body, causing health and mental problems.

What Is Natural Law?

A Dictionary of Law (1889) defines the term Natural Law using these exact words: “The rule of human action prescribed by the Creator, and discoverable by the light of reason.” In other words, Natural Law is the Law of the Creator and can be known by the light of reason. Because Natural Law can be known by the light of reason, you do not need to go to school to know Natural Law. However, studying knowledge of Natural Law in certain books and lectures from certain teachers does help you to be more aware of the knowledge of Natural Law.

In simple terms, Natural Law simply means that the law is natural and not man-made. Some people like to refer to Natural Law as God’s Law or Cosmic Law. An important thing you need to know about Natural Law is that it is not really a religious or scientific idea, because it has existed long before the existence of religion and science.

Natural Law Teaches You How to Be a Sovereign and Responsible Spiritual Being

The process of learning Natural Law teaches you how to be more responsible spiritually, which is one of the requirements for ascending to higher states of consciousness. One of the reasons why it is a requirement is because when you ascend to higher levels of consciousness, your body is able to hold more high frequency energy, causing your spiritual powers to strengthen exponentially. Eventually, your spiritual powers will become so strong that you will be able to do things that are considered superhuman. Do you think the Supreme Creator will allow you access to that kind of power without great responsibility? With great power comes great responsibility.

Because Natural Law plays such an important role for the evolution of the Universe, innerstanding Natural Law and learning how to live in harmony with it are requirements for spiritual freedom. The importance of Natural Law is what our education and religious system have failed to teach us. Even most of the New Age supporters do not realize that innerstanding Natural Law is required for spiritual freedom, which is why most New Age teachers do not teach Natural Law.

The Dark Forces are well aware of how powerful Natural Law is, which is why they have worked so hard to trick us to accept and obey their artificial laws (e.g., U.C.C., canon law, admiralty law, trust law, statute law, and contract law). These unnatural laws are designed to destroy our sovereignty, freedom and free will, and distract us from studying the most powerful law of all, which is Natural Law. The good news is that these unnatural laws have no power over us when we know how to exercise our natural rights.

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This article was originally published on OmniThought.org.

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