Keshe Plasma Generator: A Real “Free Energy” Device?

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Keshe Nuclear Plasma Generator

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Scientists have known for a long time that plasma energy is real and that there is enough energy in the vacuum of a single hydrogen atom to power the whole world for many years. Even with this knowledge, mainstream scientists still refuse to believe that “free energy” is real. They don’t believe it is real, because according to these scientists, “free energy” technology violates the laws of thermodynamics.

What most mainstream scientists don’t realize is that the laws of thermodynamics only apply to a closed system. Free energy technologies are often built to harness energy from an open system.

If you have a hard time believing that free energy generators are real, read my article titled Aquapol Dehydration System Proves “Free Energy” is Real. This article shows you proof that free energy generators are real, so be prepared for some revolutionary energy technologies that will soon make “fossil fuel” irrelevant.

What is the Keshe Plasma Generator?

For many years, Dr. Mehran Tavakoli (M.T.) Keshe has been trying to build a plasma generator to harness the energy stored within atoms. People who have been following Dr. Keshe’s work know that he has been privately testing his plasma generator for a few years now. However, most of the public is unaware of his plasma and free energy technologies. That could all change this year (2015).

The Keshe Plasma Generator is a self-nourishing energy system that generates energy using plasmatic magnetic fields, atoms, and other substances to create a reaction that allows atoms to release energy. This energy is then absorbed using copper wire, and then transferred into the desired location to power electrical equipments. According to Dr. Keshe’s supporters, this “free energy” generator works anywhere in the world and it doesn’t rely on any “fossil fuel.” Does the Keshe Plasma Generator work? We won’t know for sure until it becomes available to the public.

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The Keshe Generator is a self-nourishing system that consists of a rotating plasmatic magnetic field within a coil of copper wire, and has been developed from our new understanding of the creation of gravity. Just as our electrons spin naturally within our atoms, so too does the Keshe Electric Generator spin naturally within the laws of nature.

This is precisely how this technology has made the human race independent of burning fuel. The Keshe Electric Generator is roughly 7 cm in length – a little bigger than a roll of quarters.

It contains zero radioactive material, thus gives off no radiation, and it is as safe as a household battery. This is the new paradigm we are now entering, and it is mind blowing.

Why We Need to Support “Free Energy” Inventors

Free energy generators are important for freeing humanity and helping us to achieve world peace. Furthermore, they have the potential to reduce the cost of living by 90 percent or more. Because of these things, we need to support free energy inventors, so that they can make their energy devices available to the public. Once free energy generators are used by a large number of people and companies, we will experience an economic boom like we have never seen before.

World’s First Presentation of a Nuclear Plasma Generator of Keshe Foundation

The following short video shows a basic overview of how the Keshe Plasma Generator works. The energy generator in this video is very simple to make, so anyone can build one and test it to see if it works.

Keshe Plasma Generator ~ Here is The Future ~ Infinite Energy

Update (May 12, 2016): Many people are saying that the Keshe plasma generator or Magrav Power system is a fraud. If you are planning to buy it, please do your research before doing so.


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  1. My compliments Sir! My wife and I are US citizens unfortunately on a fixed disability income. We’ve recently had to take our single daughter and 2 grandchildren back into our home increasing mthly utility bill to avg $350.we could really use the help of your new plasma technology as we will have no cost of living increase from our gov for 2016 and doubt whether their greed will allow them to provide your offer of free schem or units to their citizens in exchange for a guatantee of PEACE! UNFORTUNATELY I don’t think the greedy elite that actually run our country will find the compassion to provide this to our citizenry without attaching stipulations or a big $ sign to your great discovery; but I and my family are sure intrested. If there is anyway you would be willing to help us on this, It would be sincerely appreciated.Please respond to this email with info, a unit or whatever you can provide to assit in eleviating this untenable mthly expense! Sincerely, Richard B Monroe and family: 667 N Center St W …North Webster, IN 465559619 GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR ORGANIZATION for your outpouring of compassion to the world and humanity.

    • RJJ says:

      You know. You’ve demonstrated how useless you as a citizen of the earth are. Is incredible enough that someone actually GIVES his plans for such device. And then you have the nerve to ask for one free of any cost. How dare you. Go work, get a job, sell return pop bottles. Make lemon juice sell cookies. Be resourceful. This is why humanity is in so much trouble, everyone expects someone else to clean up and do their bidding and work for them. Get a life.

      I’m honoured and feel very privileged to be in such a time that such incredible devices actually made it to the public. All of us have genius. Too bad we all forgot how to plug into that source. Time for changes!!

      Congratulations to all the individuals who created this device.

      • bob says:

        Well he is putting “free” into free energy device. As for you.. I would love to pull your foreskin over your head and tie it in a knot and watch you suffocate.

      • Daniel lewis says:

        I second RJJ, the fact of the matter is, that we creating alternate sources of energy. Because you can only reuse things to a certain extent. Koodo to the inventors and good look on the progress.

      • Robert says:

        No, the useless citizen is Keshe. He spends hours doing YouTube videos and bragging about the miracles it can do…

        but he still has not shown that it works and instead followers try to replicate it. The onus is on the inventor to make proof of concept.

        • duder says:

          Ya how can something be free energy if you have to plug it into the wall!!!

          • Robert says:

            It can be free energy if it somehow optimizes the sine wave that AC power is, like some sort of feedback loop.

            BUT- Keshe’s machine has been tested by someone who bought one of his pre made devices. He measured the power in and out and it was NOT over unity.

            Simplest test would be to run a house without the device for X hours. Read the electric meter before and after. Let’s say it uses 4.0 kwh.

            Then plug the device in, run with same load for the same X hours. Check the meter before and after. If it uses less than 4.0, the device is doing something. If small or not, it’s bunk.

            So easy to do and they have not done this. Instead we get some video that makes a technician like me cringe about the inaccuracy of measurement. Power strip omg, meter, omg. MEANS NOTHING WITHOUT THE PROPER MEASUREMENTS.

            So Keshe supporters, I do understand how a free energy device would work. Just test it, don’t give me shows without a proper test. Then you make us happy. But don’t give me some disclaimer that tells ME to read the BS and determine IF WE want to think to buy it. I wouldn’t buy food that way, so why buy a DEVICE that way.

      • Robert says:

        And check out the cop out disclaimer which covers his butt:

        “Update (May 12, 2016): Many people are saying that the Keshe plasma generator or Magrav Power system is a fraud. If you are planning to buy it, please do your research before doing so.”

        Translation: if you buy this thing that doesn’t work, don’t blame me ”

        Seriously, who defers something like that from a sale if they are confident in it working?

    • BernCron says:

      Richard good sir, I can speak from personal experience watching 3 years of Dr. Keshe’s weekly online public teachings, that his plasma technology, inventions, and discoveries are very real and groundbreaking. He has open sourced all of the magrav generator designs and technology (free energy generating units you can build yourself at home) online for free. The teachings on how you can build one yourself, and how they work can be found on youtube. The video teaching series are called “Knowledge Seeker Workshops,” episodes 1-156! Episode 156 being recorded and published January 26 2017. I believe the specific magrav unit construction instructions begin around episodes KSW 81 – 92. As well as the construction blueprints are available for free download via or

      • Robert says:

        If it’s so real, can you demo your device, like a guy who bought one and found no difference in his watt meter reading in testing on and off?

        I have a friend who tried to make the device and a pain pen, both which do nothing. But of course if it doesn’t work, the builder is wrong.

        Btw, if it really was open source how come they didn’t make a manufacturing run of devices, like how arduino started off? Because it’s not real, that’s why. I don’t have to prove its fake, the onus is on the inventor to do proper testing, which he has NOT.

  2. Ken Merrill says:

    Please send either by mail or email information on your product. We are interested in purchasing, but need more information to do so.
    Mailing address:
    7256 Lemur St.
    Ventura, CA. 93003

  3. maureen says:

    I live in the North of Canada some of the small towns in the N.W.T. still use diesel generator’s and I am very interested in this type of power please send me any information you have on how to bring these into Canada. Thank-you in advance for any information you send (also the price and cost of shipping ) Maureen

  4. Robert says:

    This whole thing is a joke. I have yet to see any simple testing of it working.
    All my friend tells me is that it works. So, I say, fine, I don’t need to know how, just run a simple test. He cites testimonials, which to a technical person like me don’t prove diddly.

    All someone has to do is run a simple controlled test.
    Have your house set up with a specific load (ex: 5000 watts- a heater, fridge, motor, whatever). Take a reading for start at the electrical meter. Run the load for an hour. Take a reading after. It will be 5kwh (5000 watts for one our).

    Now do the same test with the Keshe device set up. The meter should read less, let’s say 4kwh. That’s more than enough to prove to me that it works.

    Otherwise this is just horse crap like the other free energy devices that I tried to get into. Funny how he sells them but hasn’t run a simple test like I mentioned. It doesn’t require any special equipment or technical know how. Just need an observer to verify!

  5. MIGHTY BOMBER says:

    No video shows any device being powered by this generator. To have voltage on electrodes and to use that voltage to powerup some device are two different things, about bottle video.

  6. John says:

    Test videos exists since Feb 2016 for the Keshe Generator. Shows up to 5,000 Watts of power being run from a power strip connected only to the keshe generator (which is quite small btw and on a platform.) Proof of concept for any observor. Blueprints are free to the world and for the world. Many more models and applications are being developed by thousands of researches now into this new knowledge. Even “lyft” in less then 7 weeks of an entire 8’x8′ platform with 16 Magrav units. Update 10/14/16.

    • Robert says:

      I don’t doubt that there is some energy out there, but Keshe keeps scamming.

      What happened to Keshe and his people in the supposed last public demo that was scheduled, they conviniently forgot a key part?!?!? Really every time they try to tell us it works and show us it always ends up with an excuse. He speaks like everything works already, but a simple demo from him, in front of free energy scientists could prove this once and for all. NOT SOME STUPID SHAKY YOUTUBE VIDEO

      About the video with the power strip:
      No, those videos are not kosher. The one done by one of his colleagues shows zoomed in and not a proper overall look. The filming was better on blair witch project than his shakiness.

      There’s no way to watch that “key video” without knowing how it’s wired up to see if there are any tricks.

      • Robert says:

        Oh and blueprints don’t mean anything. You can make a blueprint of anything, make it look good and sell the idea. What matters is the actual running of the device!

  7. Ik says:

    Robert you sound like a disinfo agent…

    • Robert says:

      Ok, whatever you think I am I don’t care. All I want is to see it working. Without that, this keshe thing is disinfo to me. Actually, have you wondered why none of the free energy devices that get hype are actually tested independently?

      If that’s not disinfo to discredit other real free energy research? Keshe is a scammer until he proves his machines work!

    • Robert says:

      My friend who introduced me to the keshe material called me a skeptic just because I had a problem with how there wasn’t a simple test power in and power out done. Heck just read the meter power use with 1hr normal and 1hr Kresge with a controlled load of X kw. No, even a guy on YouTube showed with kill awatt Meyer no change. And like you and my friend, his character was attacked.

      Prove it works, then you can call me a disinfo agent or skeptic.

      Until then, you are not basing anything on truth. Keshe promises a lot but doesn’t show out and I think he is a gate keeper in this field, or maybe part of discrediting it by constantly disappointing people who are technical and ask for a simple proof of concept.

      Here’s again what was written in the article, forcing the people who buy to gamble, instead of the seller to price it:
      “Update (May 12, 2016): Many people are saying that the Keshe plasma generator or Magrav Power system is a fraud. If you are planning to buy it, please do your research before doing so.”
      See how shady that is, not refuting it, just saying “do your research”, just like buying a used car AS-IS he is not liable. Shady mofos, you are disinfo or just plain gullible