MicroGen Micro Power Generator: Power Electronic Devices Without Batteries

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MicroGen BOLT

Screenshot from YouTube.com / MicroGen Systems, Inc.

Within the last decade, more “free energy” generators have emerged into the public domain than they ever had in the last 100 years. This exciting event is waking many people up to the realization that these free generators are the answers to solving the “energy crisis”. One free energy generator that is showing some promising features is made by MicroGen Systems, Inc., a company located in Rochester, NY, USA.

MicroGen Systems, Inc. has two main products. One product works like a power generator, which the company refers to as a micro-power generator, and the other product works like a power cell. The micro-power generators made by MicroGen Systems, Inc. are created using a special “piezoelectric” material. This special material can convert mechanical energy into electricity, generating a charge at the slightest jostle.

As for the power cells, they work similar to batteries, but unlike traditional batteries, MicroGen’s power cells don’t need to be recharged. In other words, you can use the power cells to power you small electronic device without worrying about running out of battery power.

For an interesting article about piezoelectric material and “free energy” technology, read my article titled Sound Energy Technology Could Replace Cell Phone Battery.

MicroGen Motion Sensing Demo Using ADXL362Z Accelerometer

MicroGen’s BOLT™ Energy Harvesters/Power Cell for IoT Applications


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