Yildiz’s Magnetic Motor Could Soon Be Available for Purchase

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Yildiz Magnetic Motor

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In the last few decades, many inventors of magnetic motors have failed to take their “free energy” magnetic motors to the production and sales process. Magnetic motor is one of the types of free energy device that I am very interested in, because it is not too expensive to build and has great energy potential. Furthermore, well-built magnetic motors can last for decades and save consumers thousands of dollars every year. Let us hope that Mr. Yildiz will succeed where most magnetic motor inventors have failed. ~ PL

(Pesn.com) Regarding the newest prototypes, an associate said: “They are called Belluno 1 and Belluno 2. These are the prototypes manufactured in Belluno, Italy. Magnetic motors are not a dream anymore. Soon, they will be able to use them in their daily lives.”

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News


Last November, we posted this story:

  • Yildiz establishes joint stock company to start production – A public announcement released today states that starting January 1, production will begin of a 5 kW generator powered by Muammer YILDIZ’ all-magnet motor. The expected price will be 15,000 Euros, with delivery expected by the end of March. (PESN; November 27, 2014)

Here are some highlight excerpts:


From January 1st 2015, the production of magnetic rotators will be started for the power ranges of up to 5 kva.

The technical preparations for the power ranges over 5 kva, are being continued.

At first, a total of 2,000 units of 5 kva electric energy power generators will be released. (220 Volts, 25 Amperes)

The products will be delivered by the end of March 2015.

As of today, the centers of distribution are Turkiye, Italy and Germany.

Turkiye is the head office. All deliveries will be done to the distributors from Izmir.

To see terms of distributorship for other countries, please visit our website, and fill the contact form.

For production licensing and dealership, you may contact us in the same way.


It will be with the certifications of course. Payments will help us to go to the next steps.

We didn’t accept any money from big investors or banks, as they always asked to be a monopoly to get big shares of the main company. Yildiz wants to stand on his own legs, just with his customers — no other financial sources.

The first 2,000 units will be beta testers at the same time, so we will test many motors directly with our customers, within the guarantee.

Initial payments, pre requests, are needed to finance the products, because he doesn’t have any other financial resource yet. He decided to follow this way, after loosing so much time in the past. The public will save the invention as we hope.


Does he have a running unit now that he’s basing this 5 kW system on?


Yes he has — much more efficient than the one that you have seen… And much smaller.

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Muammer Yildiz Magnet Motor Demo at Delft University

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  1. John r says:

    What happens if GE comes in and offers the guy a billion dollars for his invention? That has been the problem in the past. Either that or they are “whacked”. We need people like this that actually dont care about money and have the nads to come out into the forefront to escape the suicide squads.

    • PL Chang says:

      According to Halil Turkmen (Mr. Yildiz’s associate and translator), Mr. Yildiz has refused to “accept any money from big investors or banks, as they always asked to be a monopoly to get big shares of the main company.”

    • Bir Bilen says:

      already happened.

  2. Liviu says:

    Any product sold ? Some info on sales ,please.

  3. Ahmad says:

    It’s already August. Do you have any data from the customer, interesting story or testimony. I really love to hear about it…

  4. Jun Arquiza says:

    one quick way to find out if anyone has a working Free Energy machine is by checking if his house or factory is connected to the electric utility grid, unless of course he uses the other conventional alternative energy sources (solar, etc.)

  5. Bob says:

    Well, 2015 is almost over! Has a single motor been sold? probably not.

    Note that you cannot just buy one, you have to “agree” to whatever and pay up front without getting a motor.
    All the wrong ways of doing business.

  6. Yunus says:

    I realy hope, that Mr. Yildiz didn’t do the same mistake like the other ones, who had a good idea..
    If he realy sold his invention to a big company that offers him a big sum of money, he is just one of the stupid people in the past..
    The world will never make progress, if you sell your inventions and your hard work for some money! You must not always think of your future, you have to thing about the future of us all! I realy realy hope that i’m wrong.
    I hope Mr. Yildiz is just waiting for the right time to start. And i hope, that he will not let us waiting to long.

  7. José Valdez says:

    Hello do you have this equipments ready to sell?

    Best regards, José

  8. Syamsul says:

    what the news?… What happen to the product?… i still cant heard any update news about it… How much the cost?.. what are the price?… I still want to know…

  9. Mihai says:

    today it’s january 31, 2015. no news, nothing. something just seems to me ot ok with this story…

  10. PL Chang says:

    Check out these “free energy” generators. According to peswiki.com, some of them are ready for purchase. http://energyfanatics.com/2016/01/06/best-exotic-free-energy-technologies-2015/

  11. Laura says:

    Hi what ever happened to this motor? Did it ever go on sale to the public ?

  12. UAB Pelnesa says:


    We want to produce your motors and sell it in Lithuania.
    Please let us know about Your answer.

    Thank You