Wave Genetics: Increase Energy and Regrow Tissues, Organs, Bones, and Teeth

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DNA Double Helix

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Wave genetics is the process of using resonant waves and certain electromagnetic waves to affect the genes in DNA. Russian scientists have been experimenting with wave genetics for more than 80 years. Their research has shown that wave genetics has the potential to heal any illness and dramatically extend the lifespan of certain organisms, including human beings.

The Healing Potential of Wave Genetics

Wave genetics is not well-known in the West because most Western scientists think that it is based on pseudoscience. It is unfortunate that most Western scientists feel this way, because wave genetics is important for taking genetic engineering to the next level. With better knowledge and technology, scientists could one day be able to use wave genetics to make GMO healthy to eat, cure “incurable” diseases, and regrow tissues and lost body parts.

As described at WaveGenetic.ru.

At present we are able to program/manage/encode stem cells of various types by means of a quantum bio-computer. The quantum bio-computer initiates wave/field-based commands, given to cells and tissues of the donor/recipient, and accordingly the stem cells exposed to the waves/field will be prompted to guided cytodifferentiation leading to emergence and development of planned/projected new organs and tissues. This will bring us closer to the fact of substantially increased life expectancy.

Significant achievements in applying WaveGenetics have been made thus far in regeneration of pancreas in rats previously destroyed by chemical substance called alloxan.

Three series of experiments with identical protocol were conducted by the groups of P. Gariaev in 2000 in Moscow Russia, in 2001 in Toronto, Canada, and in 2005 in Nizhni Novgorod, Russia. These are more advanced experiments based on the principles and technology of WaveGenetics.

How Wave Genetics Can Cure Diseases and Regrow Tissues and Lost Body Parts

Wave genetics has the ability to stimulate certain parts of DNA and even change them. This is possible because DNA has electromagnetic properties and therefore when the right electromagnetic waves flow through DNA, they can affect the electromagnetic properties of DNA.

DNA is not only made of nucleotides, sugars, phosphate, and amino acids. It is also made of biophotons. According to some Russian scientists, the helical structure of DNA allows biophotons to spiral in a coherent manner. This process acts as an electromagnetic communication system that is found in every cells of our bodies.

One of the ways that wave genetics can be used to heal genes is by beaming a laser with epigenetic information toward a specific area of the body. This process can transfer the epigenetic information into the DNA of cells and change its gene expression. By changing the gene expression of cells, it can stimulate cells to regenerate organs and bones, and slow the aging process.

Since the emergence of epigenomics and wave genetics, they have already revolutionized the health industry. With the right technology, epigenomics and wave genetics will revolutionize the health industry by giving us the tools to cure every disease known to mankind. For more information on epigenomics and DNA, read this empowering article titled Epigenomics and How Natural Nutrients Heal Genes.

Why Understanding How DNA Works is the Key to Longevity and More Energy

DNA contains the codes of life. When these codes are changed through unhealthy diets, emotional problems, and other means, they can affect our bodies in negative ways, which in turn could lead to premature aging and a lack of energy.

The codes of DNA are not your normal computer codes, because they are “living” codes that have the ability to communicate at a level that allows them to “think” to a certain point.

As mentioned at AwakeAndEmpoweredExpo.com.

In order to better understand Gariaev’s work, he (and others) insist that we acknowledge that the 1962 Nobel Prize winners James Watson, Francis Crick and Maurice Wilkins missed some key points that caused the field of DNA and genetic research to be built on an incomplete foundation from the start. He states, “We must first alter our entire understanding of genetics and move to a different understanding of the genetic code.” Gariaev goes on to state a fundamental fact that, “DNA is like written, readable text”. This genetic structure has an individual’s consciousness and thinking contained within. Put bluntly, Gariaev says, “It can think on its own”. Genetic information exists everywhere internally and externally. It can be found in physical fields, electromagnetic fields and torsion fields. However, Gariaev points out that “the way we transmit information in our body is through the electromagnetic and torsions fields.”

Once you know how DNA works at the level described by Gariaev, you will know that there is a spiritual side to DNA. Because of this, scientists will never know how DNA really works until they learn to combine science and spirituality as one.

Wave Genetics Can Cure Any Disease – Dr. Peter Garyaev


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