D-Wave Two: Quantum Computers and Their Potential

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D Wave Quantum Computer System

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Quantum computers are here to stay and no amount of harassment from skeptics is going to stop them from replacing conventional computers in the near future. Many skeptics still do not think that quantum computers are real, because they think that quantum mechanics or quantum physics is based on pseudoscience.

Once quantum computers become more mainstream, they will revolutionize the technology industry and help us to understand the Universe a lot better. The reality that we live in is made of only energy and therefore matter is a projection of energy. Quantum computers and their applications will prove these facts beyond a reasonable doubt in the near future.

The Computing Power of Quantum Computers

The processors that are used to process information in quantum computers utilize quantum bits (qubits) instead of the traditional binary bits. This allows them to process information much faster than traditional computers. For example, a very complex code that takes a traditional computer decades to decrypt only takes a quantum computer seconds to decode. This is the amazing power of quantum computers.

As described at PopSci.com.

Quantum processors have quantum bits instead of the usual binary bits that traditional processors have. You know normal bits store information by taking on one of two states, often named “0” and “1.” Quantum bits, also called qubits, have another capability. They are able to take on both the 0 and 1 states at the same time. This and other properties of quantum states allow quantum computers to perform certain calculations much faster than traditional ones. Quantum processors are generally put to work on optimization problems, such as finding the lowest-energy shape for a protein.

The Potential of Quantum Computers

Quantum computers have great potential because they can be used to diagnose diseases with amazing accuracy and detect problems in DNA nearly instantly. However, in the wrong hands it can be used to hack computers and create computer viruses that can “think” to a certain degree. It can also be used to unlawfully spy on the people with incredible results. Maybe this is why the NSA, CIA, and other intelligence agencies are drooling over quantum computers.

For more information about the amazing potential of quantum computers, read this informative article titled Quantum Computing Explained: How It Can Change Your Life.

What is the D-Wave Two?

According to D-Wave Systems Inc., the D-Wave Two is “the first commercial quantum computer.” This quantum computer is “being used by world-class organizations and institutions including Lockheed-Martin, Google, NASA, and USC. D-Wave has been granted over 100 US patents and has published over 70 peer-reviewed papers in leading scientific journals.”

Google and NASA’s Quantum Artificial Intelligence Lab

What Can Quantum Computers Do?


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