How to Build a Rotoverter Overunity (“Free Energy”) Generator

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Rotoverter Free Energy GeneratorThanks to Hector (the founder of A.R.K. Research) for sending me the information about his Rotoverter overunity generator. ~ PL

The Rotoverter is an overunity (“free energy”) generator invented by Hector D Perez Torres. I have not built one or seen it in action, so I do not know for sure that it works as well as people claim. However, I am planning to build one in the future.

Here is an excerpt from about the Rotoverter:

The Roto Verter (RV) is originally the intellectual property of Hector D Perez Torres. Hector has publicly released information on the RV making it open source.The following RV method plus any additional open source circuits mentioned in the compilations on this page all fall under a statutory public copyright (other rights apply). The RV is a scientific discovery and is covered by the publication statutory copyrights for 75 years. For engineers wishing to replicate and work with the Roto verter technology, additional technical support can be found from these forums:

EVGRAY yahoo energy group … RV replication yahoo energy group … Cavetronics Informatics … Over unity forum RV section … The Panacea Farm Conversion – The Roto Verter Segment

The RV is an alternative energy device which is currently being utilized by open source engineers around the world in energy saving applications, and to transform and understand ZPE when configured in looped (self running mode) mode…When run in RV mode, these Baldor motors are the most efficient 1 HP electric motors in the world.

The PDF documents below have more information about the Rotoverter and shows you instructions on how to build one. If you have issue viewing the PDF documents, click on this link and this link to go directly to the PDF files. You should also read this PDF document because it is a practical guide to free energy devices.

Rotoverter Conversion Process

Here is some useful information from about the Rotoverter overunity generator:

Grumpy ( 2010-10-27 )

I have a friend that said he has a rotoverter and it provides 80% of his energy requirements (electricity that is). I found this science fair report interesting (From USC):

The students do state that they produced excess reactive power, and mention two possible methods of extracting this. Anyone have any experience with the Rotoverter? …

Here are the instructions on how to extract resonance from the RotoVerter:

(written by patrick kelly in collaboration with davidkou)

(photos by davidkou, the originator of deliverance/neonpeak extract work on RotoVerter)

Synopsis + circuit schematic at:

More info at

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