E-Cat Technology and Cold Fusion

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E-Cat Free Energy TechnologyE-Cat is a “free energy” technology that harnesses the power of cold fusion to generate clean energy. If you do not know what cold fusion is, according to certain scientists, it is a type of energy created by fusion, which is the process by which two atoms join together or fuse into a single heavier atom. Unlike hot fusion, cold fusion occurs at or near room temperature, and therefore is safer to use as an energy source than hot fusion.

As published on BreakThru-Technologies.com:

E-Cat works at a far higher performance than any other technology, and is safe, clean and will absolutely save you money.

Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR) “aka Cold Fusion” – long regarded as the “holy grail” of sustainable energy production – has finally taken its leap into reality with the release of the E-Cat Technology (Energy Catalyzer).

The energy source is nickel and hydrogen and the energy density is a factor of 100,000 or more compared to the combustion processes of today’s fossil fuels. This is a game changer. It provides a truly clean and green source of energy without any toxic or carbon emissions. The e-cat produces energy with very low inputs and is much cheaper to run than anything else on the market.

The nickel and hydrogen fuel is cheap, and only tiny amounts are utilized. The energy density is so high that the E-Cat modules require re-supplying only twice per year. The COP is 6: 1, which is unheard of with current technology. To give you an idea of just how powerful this technology can be, the energy density is 100,000 times that of oil; 1 litre Ni-H is the equivalent of 2,000,000 litre’s of oil, 1 barrel of Ni-H fuel is the same energy as 1 super tanker of oil.

Zero carbon dioxide emissions, zero noise, zero radiation and zero toxins of any sort.
In addition to being powerful and efficient, the technology is completely safe. It uses no radioactive materials, produces no nuclear waste, emits no radioactivity into the environment, and releases no pollution. Unlike conventional nuclear reactors, E-Cat reactor cores cannot melt down.

Cold fusion has been called the ideal source of energy: it does not pollute; the fuel is inexhaustible; it is potentially thousands of times cheaper than conventional energy; and it is compact. “Compact” means both energy and power density are high. Gram for gram, energy density appears to be about a million times better than oil, coal or other chemical fuel.

E-Cat is already earning the reputation of being both economically attractive and for being the ultimate green machine.

Click on this link to download the E-Cat brochure. For the technical overview brochure, click on this link.

A Brief Interview with Andrea Rossi, Inventor of the E-cat Energy Catalyzer

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For more videos about the E-Cat cold fusion technology, visit this link.

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