How to Peacefully Restore Freedom Using Non-Compliance

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Word No On HandWhen people ask me about what my solutions are for restoring freedom and sovereignty, I often tell them to remove their consent and support for the destructive systems of the Controllers (the leaders of the New Word Order), and get involved in creating systems that work in harmony with nature to replace their destructive systems. Some examples of their destructive systems are the debt-based monetary system, the current political system, and modern religion.

Without the support of the people, the systems of the Controllers will collapse on their own, just like how a company can not stay in business without the support of customers. This is how we can peacefully restore freedom and sovereignty throughout the world without firing one bullet.

I also like to tell people to take responsibility for their lives and future, stop relying on saviors (i.e., government, politicians, messiahs, external gods) to save them, learn how to defend their natural rights, and study the art of non-compliance, so that they know how to use it to not comply to unlawful laws and orders.

The Importance of Non-Compliance

Non-compliance or the process of refusing to participate is a great way to peacefully stop supporting the systems of the Controllers. This process allows us to indirectly dismantle systems that are harmful to us without violent revolutions.

At the current state, it is very hard for us to totally remove ourselves from their controlling systems. Once enough of us take actions to create better systems to replace their destructive systems, we can totally remove our support. Until then, we need to remove our support as much as possible.

One of the most effective ways to remove our support is to learn how to defend our rights, so that we can stop paying taxes. Most of the money collected by the government through the tax system is being used to finance unlawful wars and government programs to spy on us. The tax system is a fraud and run by a bunch of criminals, so it is wise to stop supporting it. Before doing this, you need to learn how to defend your rights. To learn how to effectively defend your rights and free yourself from the tax system, visit

One thing you should avoid as much as possible is the act of protesting. When you protest, you are basically telling the government that you want change, but you are incompetent and therefore you need the government to do it for you. In other words, you are still a baby who needs someone to govern you everyday. To learn more about why you should avoid protest, read this empowering article titled Why Violent Protests Aren’t the Answers to Defeating the Dark Forces.

When you learn to take responsibility for your life and stop relying on the systems of the Controllers, you become empowered; therefore, you do not need to rely on some authorities to tell you what to do or save you. As long as you rely on authorities to make important decisions for you, they will always look at you like an incompetent child slave who is not responsible enough to make his or her own decision.

The lack of responsibility is one of the main reasons why the court system treat people like kids, which is why the agents of the legal system tell people to hire attorneys to represent them in court. When you hire an attorney to represent you in court, you are basically telling the judge that you do not know your rights, you are incompetent, and you are not responsible enough to make your own decisions; therefore, you need an attorney to defend your rights and save you.

Did You Know Judges and Bar Attorneys are Foreign Agents?

In the USA, Canada, and certain countries, all judges and licensed Bar attorneys are foreign agents because they have sworn an oath to foreign powers, which are the Crown of England, the Crown Temple, and the Vatican. Because of this, their allegiance is to these criminal organizations.

This means that when you hire an attorney to represent you in court, you give the Crown of England, the Crown Temple, and the Vatican jurisdiction over you. Furthermore, you unknowingly help these criminal organizations to enslave the people by participating and supporting the fraudulent legal system.

People who think they need to rely on some authorities to save them are suffering from a psychological problem that I like to refer to as victim consciousness or victim mentality. This type of thinking is slave thinking and does nothing to restore freedom and sovereignty. Instead, it fuels tyranny and slavery. Until most people learn to stop thinking like slaves, the human race will never be freed from the control of the Controllers and their masters (the Dark Forces).

The content in the videos below contains very important information for restoring freedom and sovereignty in a peaceful way. If you are interested in learning how to peacefully prevent the systems of the Controllers from destroying the future of humanity, the following videos should be of great interest to you. As always, use your intuition and critical thinking skills to discern the information in the following videos.

Faulty Concepts & Non-Compliance

The Awakening – Max Igan – Full Length Documentary (2011)

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  1. Lynda says:

    Dear Pao,
    I have written to you before on many various subjects. Thank you for your greater understandings and trying to educate the masses that are so unaware of their surroundings.
    Mine of coarse is & always has been on the system. I have been pretty much.”off the grid lock” so to speak within the controlled system.
    My ex of ten years educated me back in 1994 & hereafter since. He’s a highly educated advanced being in knowledge of many studies from a religious sector to the supreme Laws of the Land. He had just recently won 2 cases within the state, one was on voter registration on SS# & the other in Tax court where the judge thru it out saying the IRS has no jurisdiction. One down & 2 more to go. Once he won the first case, they slammed him with 2 others, which he has to file the filing fees verses copies to.them in the mail registered return receipts along with his time to type up his defense. Their brutal thieves & the worst thugs in this whole universal arena.
    We’ve been fighting them since 1993. They literay lien my bank account & home for over 13,000.00 as I was refinancing at the most crucial time in my generation of history in the financial Crash of 2007/08.
    I had to bail.out of all my credit card debt, in order not to loose my home.& wrote letters to the collection agencies letting them know under the debt collection practicing Act they had no jurisdiction to collect a debt that I never signed with them. There was no contract with their attorneys, since they bought the debt financial institute that Ihad originally contracted with.
    But trust me everything else is affected by this. Not only is your TRW recorded, but the system has your financial personal banking institute to.lien against it, once all the paoers are filed into.the courts. I never filed for Bankruptcy. Here it is 5 yrs. Later when i bailed out of the debt. One bank.discharged 6,000 but reported it to.the IRS.
    So trust me they definitely have every angle covered.
    Since the government has taken out a million dollar bond on each and every one of us when we were born & borrowed against us through.the IMF, I feel they owed me that plus then some. I bailed out if $20,000 of their commercial instruments.
    My ex found an amazing guy thats helped him through this though on his IRS case. He’s in another country.
    If we could all come together to combat the beast within, our lives would be so free. Once you find out the truth with in, how can you ever go the lies of deceit/ fraud & deception.
    GODSPEED my Brethren.

    • PL Chang says:

      You are welcome Lynda. You may want to visit for information on debt and tax. This website has taught me a lot of essential information on how to stop paying taxes and be sovereign and debt free. Every contracts (i.e., loans) that banks and debt collectors have used against you are fraudulent, so learn to stand up for your rights and do NOT bow down to these scam artists.