OPhone: “Free Energy” Self-Charging Cell Phone is Available for Sale

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Picture of Steorn Orbo OPhoneImagine having a cell phone that never needs to be charged. How cool would that be? By the end of spring 2016, you may not need to imagine anymore. For years, the research team of Steorn’s Orbo Technology has been working hard to create a mobile phone that can recharge itself. Their hard work has finally paid off. Recently, Steorn’s Orbo Technology announced that they finally created a self-charging cell phone and are now taking pre-orders. This revolutionary mobile phone is called the OPhone.

What is the OPhone?

The OPhone is revolutionary because it is one of the first commercial “free energy” cell phones. This mobile phone contains the Orbo powerpack, which is made of a revolutionary technology that continually charges the battery without the need to plug it to any electrical outlet. Does the OPhone work as well as claim by the manufacturer? Once it is distributed to customers, we will soon know if it is worth the money.

As described on FreeEnergy.news:

The Orbo powerpack inside is not powered by any conventional means such as solar or by capturing kinetic energy, nor does it harvest energy from radio frequencies but is based on Steorn’s patented technology which has been developed over the last twelve years. The technology is thought by many to be able to harness the zero-point energy field (evidenced by the casimir effect).

The zero-point energy field contains enough energy in one cubic centimeter of space to boil away all of Earth’s oceans.

Here is an excerpt from Orbo.com about the OPhone:

The ophone is a feature phone that never needs to be recharged. Based on our Orbo ‘never die’ battery technology the ophone provides the user with the convenience of never having to recharge their mobile phone again.

The ophone is supplied SIM-free and unlocked. It operates on GSM Dual Band 900/1800MHz. Please check with your intended carrier for compatibility.

It offers an attractive, simple interface for straightforward communication in a unique design keeping you in contact for longer when on the move thanks to the power of Orbo technology.

The physical keypad and central command keys mean navigation and control is easy, quick and intuitive.

The 38.5mm TFT display has a resolution of 128×128 pixels. The display is bright and clear and together with the easy-to-use interface you can quickly and easily access all your calls, texts and contacts.

Sound is delivered by high-quality MP3 ringtones and alerts.

Dimensions (approx, HxWxD): 138x48x36mm.

Is the OPhone a Smartphone?

Unfortunately, the OPhone is not a smartphone. However, it is different from any phone you have ever purchased for the reason that it self-charges itself. By using this mobile phone, you do not need to worry about the phone running out of battery. How cool is that? Smartphones are in high demand, so it is just a matter of time before Orbo Technology develops a smartphone version of their OPhone.

The OPhone is Available to Pre-Order

The “free energy” OPhone is not available to purchase yet, but you can pre-order it at Orbo.com. Make sure you read their terms and conditions before ordering it. The cost of the OPhone is €480 plus shipping and handling. Steorn’s Orbo Technology also has a “free energy” charger for charging small electronics. It is called the OCube. To learn more about it, read this article titled OCube (Orbo PowerCube) “Free Energy” Charger is Available to Order.

Steorn ORBO Never-Die Phone – NEVER Recharge!


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