Kundalini Energy and Spiritual Evolution

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Picture of Kundalini Fire

By Thomas, contributor for TheSpiritScience.net

The idea of Kundalini energy is derived from yogic philosophy, a tradition steeped in the history of ancient India. It refers to the mothering intelligence behind spiritual maturation and awakening. To a yogi, it is almost a deity.

In the West, the idea of Kundalini is linked to the practicing of meditation or other spiritual practices that induce an altered conscious state.

The altered consciousness can come upon us spontaneously, through the use of psychedelic drugs, by doing yoga, or even through a near-death experience.

The concept of Kundalini is credited to the text Hatha Yoga Pradipika by Swami Svatmarama, written in the 15th century and published in English in 1992.

The word ‘Kundalini’ in Sanskrit means ‘coiled’ as a snake.

As such, kundalini energy is often imagined as coiled up at the base of the spine, which can rise up through the chakras when activated.

Kundalini can be aroused from its sleep by meditation or breathing practices. The tradition of Hatha Yoga is specifically designed to do this. The yoga practitioner can then use the kundalini energy to increase the potency of his or her spiritual practice.kundalini-serpent-power

With this harnessed energy, we can eliminate the tensions that lie deep within us, rid ourselves of misunderstandings about our true human nature, and allow our creative consciousness to flow more freely.

Kundalini is often viewed as the seat of absolute knowledge. When it is released, spiritual freedom is achieved. Simply put, it is the energy of the divine in the individual.

When one acknowledges this untapped potential within them and wishes to awaken it, it is important to move slowly and develop a healthy practice to avoid deleterious effects. When awakening the coiled serpent, it is important to realize that it is not a race.

If one is going to engage in a practice of Hatha Yoga, it is important to recognize the limits of the individual and to accompany it with a deep meditation practice.


What might work the best for most people is a Kundalini Yoga practice. This type of yoga is more of a meditative discipline with accompanying movements.

The focus is on spiritual growth and the body’s potential, comprising body postures, movements, chants, breathing patterns and concentration.

This goes far beyond ‘mere stretching,’ as the concept of prana (life energy) is central to the practice. Also, Kundalini Yoga gives a lot of emphasis on the role of the spine and endocrine system in the path of awakening.

Whichever way you choose to activate Kundalini energy, be assured that it will lead to a happier and more effective life, full of substance and meaning!

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