The World’s First “Free Energy” Home: Bright, Spacious and Premade

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Picture of Archiblox Carbon Positive House Living Area


The worlds first ever prefabricated carbon positive house is finally here and it is legit!

An Australian company has put together this small yet incredibly bright and spacious. The one-bedroom prototype features edible garden walls, rooftop solar panels, a sunroom and rainwater recycling. Over its lifespan, the Archi+ Carbon Positive House will generate more energy than it took to build, and will offer the same environmental benefit as planting 6,095 native Australian trees. How legit is it? Watch them install one in the video below.

ArchiBlox | Building a Prefab Modular House Byron Bay

Maybe not quite “free” energy but you definitely get more out than in.


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Original title: The Worlds First “Free Energy” home is here. Bright, Spacious & Premade

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