How to Keep Positive and Fresh Energy Circulating in Your Home

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It is important to not only cleanse the energy in your home on a regular basis, but any space you occupy individually or with others.  I remember reading the biographical memoir, “Black Elk Speaks”, about the famous Oglala Sioux holy man Black Elk, in which he expresses feeling that square houses are like coffins because they don’t circulate energy.

The native people on what is now the American continent would reside in temporary homes called teepees which are round, made of animal skin, and rest directly on the earth.  After having been in one on many occasions, I can say that there is honestly a brilliant way that the energy circulates within one.

A teepee, however, is not the only arrangement that will allow for a beautiful flow of energy in one’s home.  The home is a sacred place. It is where we sleep, eat, make food, make love, raise our children, receive our families and guess, and ultimately where we live out much of our lives, and in the simple rituals of our lives, we can keep the energy in our homes flowing and beautiful.  Here are a few ways to do that:

Plants & Flowers: Nothing brings a burst of fresh energy into a space like a beautiful bouquet of flowers or a lovely indoor potted plant.  However they aren’t only beautiful they are also beneficial to our energetic and physical health.  House plants filter the air keeping the oxygen abundant and fresh where it could easily become stifled within the walls of the home.  Plants also possess their own electromagnetic fields which are harmonious in vibration and raise the energies.

Smudging with Herbs:  Just as we need to tend to the physical aspects of our home, we also have to tend to the energetic aspects of it.  A great way to do this is by regularly smudging our homes with sacred herbs such as Sage, Palo Santo, Copal, etc.  If you are unfamiliar with smudging, you can check out another article I have written that goes into greater detail and instruction about it here.  These herbs carry beautiful fragrance, meaning, and energy and can neutralize the charge of ions in a space as well as creating space for better energies.  Good to do regularly and also after arguments, illnesses, when you move into a new home, etc.

Keep it Clean:  While it somewhat goes without saying, it is important to note that in order to have a home that has excellent Feng Shui and where energy flows freely, a space must be clean and orderly.  Dust, grime, clutter, and other messiness build up in every home from time to time, but left all the time, they contribute to stagnant energy in a home.  Visible and physical dirtiness traps old energies and is unpleasing to the eye.  A good thorough cleaning is necessary for a joyful home.

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Original title: How to Keep Good Energy Circulating in Your Home

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