Graphene Battery Powered “Free” Energy Motorcycle

Authored or posted by | Updated on | Published on November 9, 2016
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Picture of Graphene Battery Powered Motorcycle

Graphene is considered the thinnest material known to mainstream scientists. It is so thin that it is about one million times thinner than paper. At the atomic level, graphene is made of a single layer of carbon atoms bonded together in a repeating pattern that is shaped like a hexagon.

Some of graphene’s interesting characteristics are its electrical conductivity and amazing energy transferring ability. Because of its characteristics, many scientists and inventors are using it to create efficient free energy technology.

Below are two great videos that show the potential of graphene batteries. The first video shows a motorcycle powered by a graphene battery, allowing it to run without any fuel.

Big Battery Bike Build – Testing The EESD

The EESD – A Supercapacitor Print Process

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