How Fasting Can Increase Your Energy

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Food has been the main source that gives us the energy we need for our daily activities. When we feel tired, we often think that it is time to eat something, because we know that food will give us the energy we need.

However, what would you think if someone told you that fasting can give you the same or even more energy? At first sight, it may not make sense, but there are some great reasons why fasting can boost your energy.

What is Fasting?

Fasting is a process during which people willingly abstain from food, drinks or even both. Usually, when we speak about eating and drinking nothing, we refer to dry fasting.

It offers people a more intense experience and it has some interesting effects on their bodies. Because microorganisms such as bacteria and parasites need water to survive, dry fasting manages to eliminate them. This is how animals heal themselves when they are ill. It was a method used by people in the past, but due to the development of civilization and medicine, we have adopted other ways to treat our bodies.

The Benefits of Fasting

Fasting has proven to bring some great benefits to people. It:

  • Boosts immunity
  • Improves sleep
  • Makes your skin look clearer
  • Detoxifies your entire body
  • Gives you more energy
  • Makes you feel revitalized

In order to understand better how fasting can give you more energy, let’s start by looking at the following example.

Imagine that you are at work and have a huge amount of tasks to fulfill. They are more than what you can do in an 8-hour work day. You start to feel overwhelmed and that you cannot finish what you have to do. Somehow you manage to do it, but you feel that you do not have any energy left in your body.

This is the same way your body feels when you eat too much food. When you consume too much food, your body feels overwhelmed for the reason that it has to use a great amount of energy to digest it. In fact, approximately 65% of the body’s energy is used by the digestive system after eating a heavy meal.

When we introduce fasting in the discussion, it can be seen as a vacation for our bodies. The energy, used for digestion, focuses now on healing the body. This is basically the first phase through which your body goes when you begin fasting. Due to the fact that your digestive system is put to rest, your body has time to eliminate toxins and repair cells, tissues and organs.

After your body eliminates the toxins, you move on to the next phase and may start to feel that you have more energy. The bacteria and parasites in your body is sometimes the cause for why you feel tired, why you cannot concentrate or do not have the mood to do certain things. When you give your system a reset through fasting, you often feel refreshed.

Although the benefits of fasting are great, it is important to take each step slowly. Visit a doctor specialized in fasting and ask for advice. Every body is different, so you may need to follow certain rules. Fasting can help you completely reinvigorate your body and give you the energy you need.

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