Consciousness Ejection into a Mirror Universe: Rebalance the Body and Slow the Flow of Time

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The following article has some interesting information that I have not heard of, so I decided to publish it. As always, use your intuition, feelings and critical thinking skills to discern it. – Pao Chang

Picture of the Entrance and Exit of a Wormhole

By Taras Handziy, guest writer for

The research and practice “Consciousness Ejection into a Mirror Universe” are of great importance because they deal with slowing of the time flow for a body. They will be useful for those people, who one day would like not only to obtain theoretical knowledge of how to eject a consciousness (soul) into a mirror (parallel) universe, but also to carry out practically the ejection.

The most important expected results are:

1. Healing of a consciousness and body
2. Slowing of the time flow. It means that, for example, since the time of the first transferring of a consciousness into the mirror universe (2017 year), only about 5 years may pass for a body for the period of 15 years (2017-2032). It could probably lead to the arrested aging.

If everything is Ok in their lives, people usually do not want to eject their consciousness. But when the problems with their health are so severe, and the pain is so horrible, they try to do everything possible to heal their bodies. The ejection of consciousness to a mirror universe is a great chance to rebalance a body and consciousness. A sudden income of fresh and great energy from a mirror universe will enable not only to heal a body but also to start the process of slowing of the time flow for a body.


Nearly all of us have some dogmatism in mind. We often take into consideration some statements or views as they were established facts. We have heard about them since our early childhood, we may have even studied them at school. Potentially we have not thought that these statements or points of view may be wrong.

One of these statements is the following. We, in the majority, think that flow of time goes in the same direction and with the same “speed” for all of us. Let us take into account the following example. Let us take into consideration the person A. who is, say, 50 years old now (in 2017). If we ask how old A. will be in 2037, the answer will be 70 years old (if this person is alive in that year).

Here is a mistake in the answer. Nobody knows how time will flow for A. Maybe, this person will experience the slowing of time flow in the mentioned period. Or, perhaps, the time will stop for her or him. The critics will probably state that they have not heard about such cases and that it is impossible at all.

People probably have not heard about such cases in the history. But, for example, nobody knew about the internet in the 19-th century.

It seems it is possible to slow the time flow. So, the person A. may be only 55 years old in 2037. It means that her or his physical body (in its physical and biological sense) will be only 55. If a person does not do anything with the aim of the slowing of the time flow, time will probably run normally for him or her. Since a person ejects a consciousness into a mirror universe, slowing of the time flow will begin.

Main Part

The process of a consciousness ejection into a parallel universe consists of two main stages. Firstly, it is necessary to eject it from the body through the central channel and seventh (crown) chakra. Secondly, it is necessary to transfer it to a mirror universe.

The process of a consciousness ejection through the central channel and seventh (crown) chakra is called phowa in Buddhism.

The consciousness ejection is not an astral projection when only part of a person’s sensitive energy is projected outside, and the majority of the energy stays in the body. [1] The consciousness should leave a body by means of mind and act of will.

Phowa is an advanced meditation. If a consciousness is ejected according to the phowa, it will probably lead to drastic results. These consequences may appear as the complete healing of your mind and body and the beginning of slowing of the time flow for a body.

Taras Handziy’s PhD thesis “Consciousness and Its Evolution: From a Human Being to a Post-Human” describes the particular case of phowa meditation that could lead to healing and slowing of the time flow. [2] The main idea of the advanced meditation is to transfer a consciousness inside a Planckian (minimum possible) black hole.

The meditation deals with the mental imagery of the geometric point. The geometric point is taken in a peculiar way. It is taken on the ray going from the person perpendicularly to the surface of the Earth. The point is visualized as the point full of power, love, light, and wisdom.


Picture of a Circle With an Arrow Pointing Up

The Earth as a globe and the direction of the geometric point visualization

In fact, it will be the mental imagery of the virtual space that can be compared with a geometric point.

The concentration is carried out on the singular desire to reach a horizon of the Planckian black hole. Even more, the individual stream of a consciousness should flow inside the Planckian black hole. But the black hole itself should be visualized as a geometric point.

Individuals should empty their mind of thoughts with the exclusion of the focused intention and thought of a stream of consciousness flowing inside the Planckian black hole. One more thought will be to remain alive and in good health on the Earth. The mind should be empty of any dogmatism. Individuals should embody the feelings of joy, love, gratitude and awe to everybody and everything, and fully developed will.

This may result in the ejection of the consciousness from the body. The stream of the consciousness will begin flowing continuously to the visualized geometric point.

There is one characteristic feature that is peculiar in this case. The unusual fog will appear on the way to a Planckian black hole. The consciousness will follow this unusual fog. The weird fog, which is sometimes called electronic fog, is a sign of the expected time travel.

On the way to the visualized geometric point, the consciousness will have to cover the entire field of spirits, souls (both incarnated and non-incarnated). This process may last for several hours. It will be a great shamanic journey.

The stream of a consciousness will suddenly stop at the horizon of the Planckian black hole. It will be the first destination of the consciousness flow. It seems the experience there will be similar to the experience of Gautama Buddha’s Enlightenment. In fact, the consciousness is at “the end of the universe”, mind (as an agent of interactions between the person’s consciousness, body and the environment) could be everywhere in our universe.

This initiation is titled “The Initiation of Transfiguration” in Alice Bailey’s “The Rays and the Initiations”. It is believed that Gautama Buddha was the first who took this initiation. [3]

In some period of time, the consciousness will appear inside the Planckian black hole, and later in the wormhole (time and space tunnel). It will be the second destination of the consciousness flow. Time and space, in our understanding, do not exist inside the wormhole. The experience there will be similar to the experience of Jesus Christ’s Crucifixion. In fact, the powerful streams of energies going from our universe into a mirror one, and from a mirror universe into our universe will go through the person. It may be painful, as these streams of energies will tear the consciousness. Exactly these streams of energies will tear the so-called “karmic body”, i.e. a part of the consciousness that did not give the possibility to enter the mirror universe, but typically led to the reincarnation on the Earth after the death.

This initiation is titled “The Initiation of Renunciation” in Alice Bailey’s “The Rays and the Initiations”. It is believed that Jesus Christ was the first who took this initiation. [3]

In some period of time the consciousness will appear in the mirror universe. It will be the third and last destination of the consciousness flow. It will be the time travelling of the consciousness a lot of years ahead. Time and space in the parallel universe are completely different from our universe. Most probably, time runs backwards there. [4]

The most interesting and useful experience will be in the mirror universe. Something could be “seen” here; and an abundance of things will be understood deeply. It will be a serious test at the end of the first occupation in the mirror universe.

This initiation is titled “The Initiation of Revelation” in Alice Bailey’s “The Rays and the Initiations”. It is also written in the book that some time after the initiation is taken, the body of a person will not change anymore. [3]

By the way, Alice Bailey’s “The Rays and Initiations” did not provide the key to the initiations. It was written that this key would be revealed at the beginning of the twenty-first century (the book was written more than half a century ago). [3] It seems this key has already been found; it has been described within the research.

The consciousness, in the majority of its streams, will return back to the body. But its part will remain in the mirror universe.

Irish physicist John Bell proved mathematically that there are genuine nonlocal connections over great distances. The principle of non-locality allows a person to “feel” a soul at the same time in our universe, and a mirror universe. Moreover, the parts of a soul will be united in a few years. The result of such existence at the mentioned different locations will be the slowing of the time flow for a person’s body.

Years are necessary to transform the consciousness and body after a consciousness ejection into the mirror universe from the first time of ejection. Consciousness will become more and more expanded in our universe and the mirror universe. One day the moment of equilibrium will come – and the body will not change anymore.


I do not state that everything written in this article is the absolute truth. I state that the meditation described in the article may be dangerous for your health and life. I state that the described meditation may lead to healing of some illnesses that could not be healed by traditional medicine. I state that the meditation could lead to the process of slowing of time flow for a body.

Both theoretical and practical research will be continued with the aim of understanding all outcomes of a consciousness ejection into a mirror universe.


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