The Healing Energies of Stonehenge and Yin and Yang Water

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Picture of Stonehenge and Orange SkyBy Maria Wheatley, contributor for

Stonehenge has stood upon Salisbury Plain in Wiltshire as a silent testimony to a past civilisation long forgotten. Archaeologists believe they have determined when the gigantic stone circle was constructed, but why it was built still remains a mystery.

Stonehenge like many other power places emits energy. This article looks at one particular type of energy associated with sacred sites worldwide.

Waters of the Earth

Humankind has always revered springs intuitively understanding that the water has healing properties and curative powers. Invariably, ancient power centres, such as Avebury Henge and Stonehenge were associated with springs. For instance, Swallowhead Springs, which is shown below, lies close to Silbury Hill and the West Kennet long barrow and 4500 years ago, both sites were an integral part of the Avebury complex.

At Stonehenge, the earthen avenue, which was a processional way that led to the stone temple began at the River Avon about 1½ miles (3 km) away and was associated with two springs. However, sacred sites and healing temples are also associated with another type of pure and sacred water born deep within the Earth.

As a second-generation dowser I was taught that there are two types of water – Yin and Yang water.

Sky/yang water

Stonehenge SpringsRainwater falls from the sky and fills the water table and the aquifers which is a well-known geological fact. When this type of water is plentiful it can be considered to be yang water, which emits a distinctive harmonic surface pattern which water diviners such as myself recognize and can interpret. This type of water is great to drink but not good to live above as it emits a high Hertz frequency and has always been considered inharmonious and called ‘geopathic stress’ – toxic earth energy. Our distant ancestors avoided this type of water knowing, as do today’s dowsers and geomancers, that long-term exposure to it will seriously deplete the immune system. There are simple and effective ways to counteract this type of geopathic stress and a common symptom of geopathic stress is waking up between 2 – 3 am as geopathic stress reaches a maximum at this time of the night.

Earth’s inner waters

There is another type of water pure and divine and its energy field is beneficial to our health and well-being. Our ancient ancestors recognized its harmonic energy emissions and sited stone circles, pyramids, holy temples and constructs above it and no doubt harnessed the energy.

My late father, and other Master Dowsers such as Guy Underwood, taught many of today’s dowsers that the Earth can chemically produce water deep within which is independent of rainfall. Geologists disagree with this ancient water divining lore. Nonetheless, sacred YIN water (also known as primary water) is perpetually being produced deep within the womb of the Earth. When this type of water naturally breaks through to the surface it is revered as a sacred spring. Likewise, if bored, the well is referred to as a Holy Well. This is what differentiates a normal spring from a healing one.

Yin aquifers produce a gigantic spiral pattern called a geospiral. Some geospirals emanate over vast distances whilst others are smaller and more contained. Ancient architects worldwide understood that no matter how deep the yin water is it will constantly emit a harmonic healing field beneficial to all life forms.

This geospiral pattern marked the esoteric centre of a sacred site; ley lines and energy lines are attracted to its magnetic force and converge upon the spiral creating a geodetic power centre.


Stonhenge diagramAt the near centre of Stonehenge once stood the Altar Stone which bejewelled the site. Catching the Sun and Moon light this beautiful green coloured sandstone was flexed with garnets and mica and was a sight to behold. Standing around 16 feet tall this attractive stone was as smooth as velvet to touch. The first time I touched the Altar Stone a zap of energy like an electric shock travelled up my arm! Archaeologists have puzzled over why it was not placed at the exact centre of Stonehenge. Metaphysical considerations were deemed far more important than geometric symmetry and the geospiral phenomenon dictated its holy centre and imbued the monument with magnetic healing power. Make no mistake; this type of underground water is alchemic. In ancient times it was recognized that if you placed, say, a normal cup of spring or river water above a geospiral the water would be transformed into Holy Water, sacred and imbued with the living life force of Mother Earth. Likewise, the Knights Templar and Medieval Masons created stoops and set fonts above the sacred earth pattern to transform the properties of water for their magico-religious rituals.

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