Biotech Company to Unleash the Nanotechnology SMARTICLES

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SMARTICLES is a technology created by Marina Biotech that utilizes nanotechnology to deliver drugs to certain areas of the body at the cellular level and beyond. If used in harmony with nature, this technology can benefit humanity. Unfortunately, the people who are in control of the SMARTICLES technology are supporters of Transhumanism.

Here is a brief explanation from about Transhumanism:

Put simply Transhumanism is the belief that technology can allow us to improve, enhance and overcome the limits of our biology. More specifically, transhumanists such as Max More, Natasha Vita-More and Ray Kurzweil believe that by merging man and machine via biotechnology, molecular nanotechnologies, and artificial intelligence, one day science will yield humans that have increased cognitive abilities, are physically stronger, emotionally more stable and have indefinite life-spans. This path, they say, will eventually lead to “posthuman” intelligent (augmented) beings far superior to man – a near embodiment of god.

In simple terms, the hidden agenda of the Transhumanism movement is to destroy the human body and its natural expressions and replace it with machine parts. To learn more about the hidden agenda of Transhumanism, read this informative article titled Babies Being Prepared for AI & Transhumanism Through Vaccines & Medicine.

Here is an excerpt from about SMARTICLES:

Marina Biotech, Inc. ( OTCQB : MRNA ) a biopharmaceutical company focused on the development and commercialization of innovative therapeutics for disease intersections of arthritis, hypertension, and cancer, today announced that they have entered into a license agreement regarding the Company’s SMARTICLES platform for the delivery of nanoparticles including small molecules, peptides, proteins and biologics. This represents the first time that the Company’s SMARTICLES technologies have been licensed in connection with nanoparticles delivering small molecules, peptides, proteins and biologics.


The Fourth Industrial Revolution is here, and just as Donald Trump declared through Alex Jones and InfoWars, DARPA will start releasing helpful advanced technologies to the masses. The biggest beneficial segment of this type of science is probably in the realm of nanotechnology. With these new developments, treatments for arthritis, cancer, and other deadly diseases will slowly become defeated. But in the wake of such capabilities, what other powers and possibilities have we unlocked with our current state of science and technology? Perhaps it will be like the visions of author Matthew Mathers, who wrote The Atopia Chronicles, a dyspotic fiction about a world that is starting to sound like our own.

HERE WE GO!! Biotech Company to Unleash SMARTICLE Technologies!!

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