How to Build an Immortal Energy Body

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Picture of energy body and green heart chakraBy Tanja Taljaard, contributing writer for

Harnessing Your Own Innate Powers

Fancy calming your mind, healing your internal organs, channeling chi into your bones and building an immortal energy body, by using nothing more than your attention and a basic skill you were born with? These are but a few of the numerous holistic health benefits available to us all.

A dear friend of mine’s Grandmother was fond of saying “ten deep breaths will cure anything”. It is only much later in life that I began to understand the profundity of these carefully chosen words. Of all the processes we entertain in our busy lives, our breath seldom garners the attention it deserves. To some extent, we may be forgiven for taking this vital life-supporting process for granted. The very fact that it carries on, without too much effort on our part, may be precisely the reason its healing potential remains largely concealed. Fortunately, the subtle connection between our awareness and breath has been understood, and shared, by the masters of many martial and spiritual traditions throughout time.

Universal Life Force

There is also a common understanding and acceptance among these ancient traditions that we exist in, and are connected to, an all-encompassing energy field. This life force wears many labels. In the Taoist traditions of the East, it is known as ‘Qi’ or ‘Chi’. In Japan, it takes the name ‘Ki’. In Indic yoga traditions it is called ‘Prana’ and in Hawaii, it is ‘Mana’. Irrespective of which tradition you follow, when it comes to increasing this life force within, the practice of bringing focused awareness to your breath is common to all.

Strengthening Your Bones

Qigong masters have long known that this life force flows at five different levels; the skin, the flesh, the meridians, the organs, and the bones. Taoists understood the concept of the skeleton as a dynamic energy structure that can be maintained in optimum shape, and that the natural process of decay can be prevented. An adept of this path will practice techniques at the various levels to strengthen their ‘Qi’. It is their awareness of the subtle breath, the “breath that penetrates through every pore in the skin” that is then “guided through the bone marrow with their attention” that strengthens their energy bodies.

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  1. tiago carvalho says:

    Very good article. Breathing is good, but you can go more deeper and remove negative solidified, frozen, anesthesid(sleepy) charge, stored deep in your body.
    I created a technique based on mental therapy directed to the unconscious mind, which expels phisical, mental and spiritual implants which affect humans.
    You can also expel any toxic substance from your body and get a cure for even incurable illnesses. You can raise your frequency and get immune to toxic environment. Highly functional. Anyone interested?

    • salem says:

      hey, im very interested to hear more about your methods !! been studying this for a while now and its a massive field