Guest Author

EnergyFanatics welcomes and thanks all guest authors for contributing their knowledge and expertise. If you are interested in becoming a guest author, please read the information below. If you have sensitive information and would like me to read or publish it, email me the information and I will decide if it is something I want to publish.

Be advised that I’m mostly looking for guest authors who have great knowledge in energy mechanics, energy medicine, energy healing, alternative energy (e.g., free energy, magnetic energy, cold fusion and plasma energy) or holistic health. If you are knowledgeable in another subject and want your articles to be published, send me an email about your article using this contact form.

Benefits of being a guest author

  1. Get to share your knowledge to thousands of readers worldwide
  2. Link back to your website (if applicable); therefore, generating extra traffic to your website
  3. Reach new audiences and increase your reputation
  4. Increase your website’s organic search ranking
  5. Make a difference in people’s lives by educating them about energy or health

Guest author guidelines

  • You allow me (the editor) to edit or delete your articles whenever necessary. This should not be a problem if your articles are spell checked, proofread and relevant.
  • All articles will need to be reviewed and approved before they are published.
  • The content of the article must be original, high quality, useful and not copied. I do accept articles that are published on other websites, but the articles need to be written by you, unless the original author of the articles allows them to be republished.
  • References are not required but they are recommended. References should be from trustworthy and well respected websites, books, or magazines. This will give more credibility to your articles.
  • I do NOT accept articles about product review or written by third parties (e.g., SEO companies).
  • Links are allowed. The maximum number of links in the main content of the article is six per article, not including source links. Links should be appropriate to the topic of your articles. Please do not clutter your articles with excessive links. I do not accept links to inappropriate websites.
  • Articles must not have pornography, profanity and inappropriate adult materials.
  • Articles need to be more than 500 words and should not be longer than 4,000 words. If the article you want to submit is longer than 4,000 words, you should split it into two articles before submitting it. Most people do not spend more than a few minutes reading online articles, so it is best to keep the article under 4,000 words.
  • An author bio is not required but is recommended. Including an author bio in your articles will give readers a quick introduction to who you are. This can increase their curiosity and make them want to check out what you have to offer.

If interested, please copy and paste the content of your articles in an email or save your articles as a Microsoft Word, OpenOffice, or text file and send them to the email address below. If your articles are approved, I will email you the link for each article when I publish it. The article will be credited to you. For example, the article may begin with: This is a guest post by [name]. The article will include links back to your website if applicable. Please do not forget to include your name (required), author bio (not required but recommended), and website (if applicable).

Please send your articles to this email: energyfanatics[at] Do not forget to replace the “[at]” with “@” or the email will be returned to you as an invalid email address.

The terms and conditions on this page are subject to change at anytime without notice. It is your responsibility to keep yourself updated to these changes.