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Picture of Word Magic and the Powers of WordsWord Magic: The Powers & Occult Definitions of Words is a very empowering ebook that takes you down the rabbit hole to explore the world of magic and words. This magical journey will teach you how words can be used to empower or disempower you. Once you learn how powerful words are and how to apply them wisely into your life, you can use them to empower you to defend your rights, cast light magic, manifest your desires, achieve spiritual freedom, and/or put the Dark Forces in checkmate. To purchase this empowering ebook, visit this page.

staradigm_front_cover1Staradigm: A Blueprint for Spiritual Growth, Happiness, Success and Well-Being is a concise yet comprehensive book that explores the sacred knowledge of holistic health, spiritual science, enlightenment, Natural Law, and Creation. Staradigm is not your average book because it contains essential information that will cause a paradigm shift in how you view the reality that you live in. If you want to find your path in life or want to know why the world is changing so rapidly during this special time in your Earth experience, you need to learn certain fundamental knowledge about how the Universe works. To purchase the first edition of Staradigm, visit Amazon USA, Amazon UK, Amazon Canada, or Barnes&Noble.com. For other Amazon sites, visit this page.

Second edition: The second edition of Staradigm is now available, but it is only available as an ebook through this website. To purchase it, visit this page.

Recommended Books on Amazon (Listed Alphabetically)

  1. Awaken Healing Energy Through The Tao: The Taoist Secret of Circulating Internal Power
  2. Color Medicine: The Secrets of Color Vibrational Healing
  3. Dare to Prepare 5th Edition
  4. Energy Medicine Technologies: Ozone Healing, Microcrystals, Frequency Therapy, and the Future of Health
  5. Gifts of Mother Earth: Earth Energies, Vortexes, Lines, and Grids
  6. Instant Health: The Shaolin Qigong Workout For Longevity
  7. Magical Child
  8. Pi & The English Alphabet Vol. 1 (Second Edition)
  9. Pi & The English Alphabet Vol. 2 (Second Edition)
  10. Power Crystals: Spiritual and Magical Practices, Crystal Skulls, and Alien Technology
  11. Quantification: Illustrations from the Creator of Secrets In Plain Sight
  12. Secret Sounds: Ultimate Healing: Your Personal Guide to a Better Life Using Sharry Edwards’ Revolutionary “Secret Sounds”
  13. The Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter, & Miracles
  14. The Book of Stones, Revised Edition: Who They Are and What They Teach
  15. The Handbook of Rife Frequency Healing: Holistic Technology for Cancer and Other Diseases
  16. The Magnesium Miracle (Revised and Updated Edition)
  17. The Rainbow and the Worm: The Physics of Organisms
  18. The Root of Chinese Qigong: Secrets of Health, Longevity, & Enlightenment
  19. The Wisdom of Your Cells: How Your Beliefs Control Your Biology
  20. Sojourn to Honduras Sojourn to Healing: Why An Herbalist’s View Matters More Today Than Ever Before